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5 Best Uses of Interior Digital Signage for Your Business

Interior signs welcome, guide, and inform visitors as they walk through your building. But you don’t have to sacrifice design for function. You can still meet the need to provide information to guests while elevating their experience through dynamic, customizable digital signage.

It’s time to showcase your business in engaging and innovative ways using indoor digital signs – with brilliant colors and graphics that won’t fade or be outdated.

Discover five great ways to use interior digital signage in your business. We’ll also unpack the types of digital displays available for your business and how National Signs can help your company make a bold statement.

Make a Lasting Impression with Interior Digital Signage

Get ready to wow your guests and customers with digital signage designed for the interior of your space.

1. Welcome Displays

People walking inside a building want to see your business name or logo to make sure they’re in the right place. A bold and colorful digital display confirms your business location, welcomes people in a captivating way, and creates a positive first impression.

 If you use LED digital screens to display your business name, any future changes to your business font, colors, or logo can instantly be made to avoid having to replace your business signs.

Pro Tip: Video content or rotating graphics may also be added to your digital welcome display for a more dramatic and eye-catching effect.

2. Building Directories

Whether you have a high-rise office tower, hospital, school campus, or other large property, you need a detailed building directory to help people find their way. Indoor digital signage can function as a building directory, guiding people to any part of your building with ease.

Digital building directories have the capability to always present the most current building information, presented in a clear and concise way. This effort is especially important if your business needs to present building information in a variety of languages or if you have a large complex that is constantly expanding.

3. Interactive Kiosks

Do customers regularly need to check in to confirm their arrival or pick up a purchase? You can dramatically improve the process by using digital signage as check-in kiosks.

Offering interactive digital kiosks speeds up check-in time, reduces the number of employees needed for visitor processing, and provides your guests with a smoother experience. Businesses and organizations in these industries can benefit from interactive check-in displays:

  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Medical offices
  • Museums and performance venues
  • School campuses
  • Daycares
  • Churches
  • Retailers with in-store pickup
  • Restaurants
  • Stores with set appointment windows

Your guests will experience a more efficient check-in process, and your business will save on labor costs while reducing inefficiency.

4. Room Signs

Interior signs are a must-have if your building has many different offices, departments, or conference rooms. Digital signs are a great solution for ensuring you have accurate room signs throughout your building.

For example, building conference rooms are able to display the group currently using a room or the complete daily schedule of room usage. Hotel ballrooms are able to display welcome announcements for the party or event using their facilities.

 Your guests will always know they are seeing the most accurate information, and your facility is able to make instant changes or updates with ease.

5. Marketing or Product Boards

Digital signage displays are a great way to shine a spotlight on the products or services you currently offer. You can also use digital displays in other ways to support your advertising and marketing efforts:

  • Promote upcoming events or releases.
  • Create a rotation of your newest goods and services.
  • Display your latest campaign designed to increase engagement.

For restaurants, digital menu boards are an eye-catching way to display your current prices along with enticing pictures of your food and drink specials. Going this route also saves a lot of time and energy since it simplifies menu updates if you need to change the price of a menu item or rotate seasonal menu options.

Choose an Interior Digital Signage Solution from National Signs

Digital displays have transformed how businesses promote their brand and connect with customers. With 40 years of experience providing exceptional sign solutions to businesses, National Signs understands the impact a great-looking sign can have on your company. 

Contact us directly to learn more about our interior digital signage solutions or schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to working with you to create bold and captivating sign solutions for your commercial property!