Wayfinding signage designed by National Signs for the city of Fulshear.

Incorporate City Wayfinding Signage Into City Planning

Is your city on the verge of major growth with new planned areas of development? Do tourists and residents often get lost trying to navigate your city streets? 

If your city is about to experience widespread growth, or you need to improve your city’s sign displays, then effective city wayfinding signage can help.

Learn about the positive impact these signs will make in your city and how to seamlessly integrate them into your city planning efforts with the help of National Signs.

Types of City Wayfinding Signs 

City wayfinding signage is more than just helping people find their way – it’s about creating a user-friendly, cohesive wayfinding system that enhances your city. 

A great wayfinding system incorporates these four types of signs throughout the area for maximum impact.

1. Tourist Signage

Cities that welcome many tourists each year should invest in tourist-friendly wayfinding signs. These signs guide visitors to popular attractions, museums, and cultural hotspots to make your city easier to navigate.

By offering multilingual text and iconic symbols, your signs can also accommodate international travelers and be more accessible to all types of tourists.

2. Pedestrian Signage

In any busy city area, you’ll find both residents and tourists generating foot traffic throughout the day. It’s essential to offer pedestrian-friendly wayfinding signs at key intersections, near sidewalks, and points of interest.

These signs can be heads-up mapping, digital signs, or eye-catching static signs pointing to major landmarks, parks, and important destinations.

3. Public Transportation Signs

Any public transportation hub will be improved by adding clear, visually appealing signage. Bus terminals, train depots, and subway stations need clear and concise signage to improve the user experience.

Using color-coded lines and easy-to-understand symbols helps commuters quickly identify their routes and enhance the efficiency of public transportation.

4. Parking Signage

Parking is often difficult in large cities and towns, regardless of whether you’re a long-time resident or a first-time visitor. City planners can ease this frustration by implementing clear parking signage that directs drivers to parking garages, surface lots, and available street parking spaces.

The Benefits of Good Wayfinding Signage 

Why is city wayfinding signage so important in your urban planning? It offers several important benefits, including the following. 

  • Good wayfinding signage reduces frustration and anxiety. People are able to explore your city with confidence, knowing they won’t get lost. This improved experience can boost tourism and even attract new residents.
  • Efficient wayfinding signage improves traffic and eases road congestion. When drivers and pedestrians can easily find their way, it reduces the chance of congestion or accidents caused by people driving aimlessly or making sudden turns and lane changes.
  • A well-planned wayfinding system enhances the visual appeal of your city. When your signs all have a unified color scheme and universal font, it fosters a sense of harmony and cohesion. 

The Need for a Unified Wayfinding System 

If you’re wondering, “Does our city really need a cohesive wayfinding system?” The answer is a resounding yes. A unified wayfinding system gives people consistency and reliability, making navigation a breeze for everyone who enters your city.

 A cohesive set of wayfinding signs offers several distinct advantages for city planners. Consider these three major reasons to invest in wayfinding signage.


A unified signage system eases the process of creating new signs. With predetermined fonts, colors, and design guidelines, city planners can quickly produce high-quality signage that seamlessly blends with existing city signs.


With consistency comes instant recognition. When residents and visitors become familiar with your city’s wayfinding system, they’ll instinctively know where to look for directions. The result will be reducing stress associated with navigating your city streets and encouraging people to return for future visits.

Brand Identity

Your city’s wayfinding signage has the ability to become an integral part of its identity. It offers the chance to highlight the distinct art, character, and culture that makes your city stand out. Signs can incorporate local landmarks, street art, or historical references for a unique signage look. 

National Signs Provides City Signage Solutions 

City wayfinding signage is an essential part of any successful city planning project. And it’s important to have a great signage partner with you along the way. If your city, town, or other urban area wants to improve navigation and enhance the resident and visitor experience, National Signs can help.

With over 30 years of experience partnering with cities and municipalities, we can create unique, eye-catching, and effective wayfinding signage that boosts your city’s profile and encourages more visitors.

View our gallery for examples of our sign solutions. Or contact us to get started on new wayfinding signs for your city. We look forward to supporting the growth of your local area.