High rise building signage by National Signs for Amegy in Houston, Texas

Our Guide to High Rise Building Signage for Architects

When designing high rise buildings, a crucial aspect that can make a world of difference is high rise signage. These towering structures need eye-catching and durable signage that complements the building’s aesthetics and serves functional purposes.

A beautiful, state-of-the-art high rise can garner the right type of attention for your clients to help them truly stand out from the competition.

Discover the essentials of high rise building signage, the sign factors architects and designers should always consider for exterior sign projects, and why you should trust the professionals at National Signs for the highest quality building signs.

The Basics of High Rise Building Signage 

Designing a high rise building is more than just creating workspace for businesses – it’s about offering eye-catching appeal and visibility. The building will be much more visible to people passing by and become a key part of your city’s skyline, so it will need great signage that showcases the property.

The most iconic high rise signs often include these important factors: 

Channel Letters

Custom channel letter signs are a classic choice for high rise signs. These 3D letters are usually front and back lit and can be designed to match the building’s branding. They’re versatile, allowing you to present a sleek, modern look or a more traditional appearance. 

Custom Signs

Showcase your client’s building and business brand in the best possible light with a creative custom sign. Whether it’s a unique logo, a specific font, or an artistic design, custom signs give the building a stunning distinction in the city skyline. 

Sign Installation

The building’s sign installation is as important as the signage itself. From rooftop channel letter signs to flat signs mounted on the building façade, choosing the right installation technique ensures your sign is secure, visible, and safe.

The Importance of Professional Sign Companies 

When done right, high rise signage provides the flexibility to promote tenant businesses without compromising the architectural style and overall aesthetics of the property.

And, as you know, precision and details matter in architecture and building design. That’s why it’s best for sign installation to be handled by professional, experienced sign companies that partner with architects and designers to get every aspect right the first time.

The ideal sign installation company for your high rise project should reflect the following characteristics.


Professional sign companies like National Signs have the expertise to create high rise signs that are properly installed and meet local and city zoning compliance codes. In addition, an experienced sign company can identify the ideal placement for sign visibility.


High rise signs require the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to withstand the elements, including wind, rain, and constant sun exposure. These prominent building signs are an important investment, so high rise signs should be durable, attractive, and functional for years to come.


A professional sign installation company should have the equipment and staff to perform a safe sign installation. This way, the sign is ready to hold up in any weather condition. The signage also needs the support of a sign company that has the equipment, tools, and training needed to perform all future sign maintenance.

Trust National Signs for Your High Rise Building 

Building signage is a crucial element of any high rise design project, and it deserves careful consideration. The sign company you choose should offer durability, professionalism, safe practices, and permit compliance with every sign fabricated and installed on your property.

 For your high rise building signage needs, trust National Signs. We have over 30 years of experience crafting stunning custom building signs for office towers, medical complexes, stadiums, and other high rise structures in various industries.

 Get inspiration for your next architectural project by viewing examples of our high rise sign solutions we have created and installed over the years.

You can also contact National Signs today to discuss your next project requirements. Let’s discuss how we can help elevate your project with stunning, compliant, and long-lasting high rise signage.