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So Many Digital Signs for Sale! How Do You Pick the Best One?

For a business to stand out and draw in customers, they need great signage that grabs attention and presents information in a clear, bold way.  Digital signs are the perfect solution, but it can be hard to know which type is the best fit for a business with so many digital signs for sale.

For companies that need reliable, high-quality signs, there are three important questions they should first answer:

  1.   What do they need to display?
  2.   Where do they need to install signs?
  3.   How do they want digital signs to look?

By answering these questions, business owners can narrow down their choices and choose the digital signage that accomplishes their goals.  Learn about how companies can choose the digital sign that meets their needs and the features that make them the ideal choice for businesses.

What Information Will Be Displayed?

Before making any decisions on signage, companies should figure out what information they need to display on their property.  Businesses can use indoor or outdoor LED signs to display key information and promote their company.

Outdoor signs are the perfect way to identify a business and have an eye-catching visual to draw in customers and visitors.  Outdoor digital signs can be used to display:

  • Company names
  • Company logos
  • Sales and promotions
  • Upcoming events
  • Congratulatory posts
  • News announcements

Indoor digital signs can help customers, employees, and vendors by displaying important information throughout the building.  Companies can use digital signs to display:

  • Building maps
  • Office directories
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Security notices
  • Health policies
  • Company news
  • Products and services 

Whether inside or outside, digital signs are the perfect solution for companies that need to display important information in a clear, bold, and visible way.

Where Are Digital Signs Needed?

Once companies know what information they need to display, they can choose the digital signs to best meet their needs based on where they’ll be installed.  Companies can choose from:

  • Indoor LED signs can be found in building lobbies, restaurants, large retailers, performance venues, shopping malls, sports facilities, and other common areas.
  • Outdoor LED signs are large outdoor signs often installed on taller supporting posts, with bright and colorful displays.  They are similar to roadside billboards as they both promote businesses and upcoming events in high-traffic areas.
  • Monument LED signs are outdoor LED signs installed near entrances and exits of commercial properties, places of worship, schools, or medical facilities.  They often serve as a welcoming sign and are usually installed lower to the ground with a border of brick, stone, or metal posts for a more polished and professional appearance.
  • Video Walls are mounted on interior walls and are often found in public spaces, such as sports arenas, performance spaces, shopping malls, and other spacious venues.

Companies can use a combination of digital signs to display important information in clear, visible ways to customers and employees.

How Should the Digital Sign Look?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing digital signs is that the display options are nearly endless.  With digital signs, companies can have eye-catching graphics with bold, bright colors and exceptional visibility in any kind of location or weather.

With digital signs, companies can have crisp, clear displays for showing:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Animation
  • Moving graphics

In addition, companies can get digital signs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and display options.  They can have basic LED lights to display one or two colors, or they can have full-color LED signs that show video clips or live events, such as a large projection screen inside a concert arena or sports stadium.

Why Digital LED Signs Are the Best Choice

Made from durable materials and top-quality manufacturing, digital LED signs are the best choice for businesses that need bright, attractive signs inside and outside their property.  They are long-lasting with minimal maintenance and can withstand bad weather conditions outside without compromising visibility or quality.

Through digital signs, companies have the opportunity to capture attention and post instant updates through their simple-to-use software.  Businesses can manage their digital signage on-site or remotely to ensure they are always posting the most recent information to visitors and employees.

Digital LED signs also need far less maintenance over time than other basic signs.  Temporary signage like corrugated signs or nylon banners has to be placed in the ground or on supporting stakes and can easily be damaged or toppled over.

Outdoor changeable letter signs have to be manually arranged and can reflect poorly on a business if they’re misspelled or missing letters.  Also, changeable letter signs can be vandalized and changed to spell out something obscene or inappropriate, which can negatively affect a business.

How National Signs Can Help

With a full range of indoor and outdoor digital signs for sale, National Signs can create signage solutions that meet your unique business needs.  Our design and installation experts teams can work with your business to tailor a messaging and signage solution that allows you to display information in a clear, visually appealing way.

Contact National Signs today to request more information about our digital sign options and how we can help you pick the right signs for your company.