Digital monument sign for Webb’s Automotive that was designed, fabricated, and installed by National Signs.

What is Digital Signage?

If you’re a business owner or executive, you know the value of proper signage and the exposure it can bring to your company. But, you may only be familiar with traditional forms of signage.

We recommend diving into other forms of signage, such as electronic signage and digital signage. If you have questions like “What is digital signage?” we have information for you.

Take a look at our guide to digital signage, the benefits of digital signage compared to other types of signage, and how digital signs can help your business grow in many ways.

What is Digital Signage for Businesses and Organizations?

Digital signage is a type of electric sign that can display your company name or logo, various messages, and other information targeting your audience.

Digital signage can come in the form of electronic signs, monitors, LED walls, or video projections. Digital signage can be used as either indoor or outdoor advertising and can work in any type of business – from restaurants to shopping malls to corporate buildings.

Consider some of the reasons to select digital signage:

  • Offers versatility and a range of options
  • Increases engagement and exposure
  • Supports your brand
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates better communication for customers, clients, and employees

What Can Digital Signage Offer for My Business?

One of the most notable advantages of digital signs is how versatile they are and how many options there are to choose from. With digital signage, you can choose from hundreds of different design ideas or have something created that’s specific to your business.

Many digital signs also make it simple for you to change the displayed information. You may want to change your logo, add something festive to the sign for a holiday, or tell people about a change in schedule. All of this is possible with digital signage.

For example, retail stores can add sales information to draw in customers. It’s easy to type in a new message, add a picture, or otherwise make changes to the digital signage content.

Consider some other examples of using digital signage across different industries:

  • A church might want to reach the community by putting up daily Bible verses or advertising meetings.
  • You can use digital signage for external wayfinding purposes to help people find a specific area of your property.
  • Hotels and restaurants can change their signs to direct people to an event.
  • Corporate offices can use indoor digital wayfinding signs to direct employees, customers, and third parties to specific locations.

Digital sign options also offer businesses the chance to build more cohesive branding. You can choose signage that fits your company’s style and message. You can even select interactive digital signage, which lets you further connect with customers or clients.

Increasing engagement with customers can help you gain new clients or boost your company’s sales, but it can also lead directly to an improved customer experience.

Consider these statistics. Businesses that utilize digital signage at their point of sale report an increase of 19% in unplanned purchases – and this number skyrockets to 80% in restaurants and bars.

Digital signage content geared toward customer satisfaction can help customers feel more entertained, more a part of the shopping experience, and more like the company cares about them and what they want and need.

Types of Digital Signage

Now that you know how digital signage content can change your business for the better, you should consider various signage options. There are hundreds of electronic sign options, but we will focus on three main categories.

LED Signs and Channel Letters

Channel letters are sometimes thought of as a simpler electronic sign choice, but the minimalistic style of this type of sign can make a significant impact.

Channel letters are large letters lit from behind or inside using a channel. The brightness of channel letters or other electronic signs ensures that the company’s name or any additional helpful information is displayed clearly and is easily visible. Lights also help you match the sign to your business’s theme or branding.

LED signs often use more minimalist designs as well, but many utilize digital signage software, so you can change the display whenever you like. Technology such as LED lights ensures the sign lasts longer and remains bright and bold, whether inside or out.

Digital Displays

Digital displays also frequently utilize LED screens to present various information. For example, some digital displays feature a map. Others showcase rotating information about schedules, upcoming events, or guest speakers. Restaurants often use digital displays as menu boards.

Like other types of digital signs, digital displays can be used inside or outdoors. Many can also display video clips to attract people’s attention as they walk or drive by.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a type of freestanding sign. Instead of mounting a digital or LED sign on a wall or the outside of a building, pylons hold a large sign, and you can place a pylon sign closer to the road to make it more visible.

Pylon signs can just display a company name big and bright. Others can show images and videos that help to notify the community about your business, provide information about upcoming events, or even offer community announcements or positive sayings.

What is Digital Signage? It’s An Answer for Business Growth

Digital signage is an eye-catching tool that offers versatility in branding for your business or company. Digital signage displays allow you to increase your exposure, draw in new customers, and provide benefits for your existing customers and employees.

At National Signs, we work closely with each customer to ensure you gain access to the exact signage that fits your business. We offer end-to-end sign services, including design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. We always strive for unique digital signage solutions that fit the need of each business.

To view our work, look at the National Sign gallery, which features completed digital sign projects for various customers in various industries. You can also reach out to us for more information about what is digital signage.