Interior and exterior signage made for Allegiance Bank in Texas

Why You Need Interior and Exterior Signage

Does your company have an effective sign strategy? Maybe you’ve never considered it before, but this is simply a strategy to use interior and exterior signage to your advantage.

A comprehensive sign strategy will help you:

  • Get customers’ attention
  • Keep customers engaged
  • Direct customers where they need to go

Unfortunately, many brands only invest in exterior signage. If this is your approach, it’s time to reconsider. You need both interior and exterior signage for your business, and here are the reasons why.

Interior and Exterior Signage for Effective Marketing

The first goal of any marketing campaign is to let people know your company exists, and the second is to educate them about your products. Lastly, you want to ensure that doing business with your company is easy and enjoyable.

Exterior Sign Design for Customer Attraction

The exterior signs you choose for your business only serve a couple of primary purposes, but they are both very important. These signs tell people the name of your business and where it’s located, and they may also offer information about your hours of operation.

This is all very simple, but it’s so important that your exterior signs work for you. They should be attractive, visible, and reflect your branding. It’s also best to work with a sign design firm that can recommend the right size, height, and placement for visibility.

Don’t forget that exterior signs also drive first impressions. Some people have never seen your ads or learned about your company in a way other than seeing your sign.

Creating a Better Customer Experience with Interior Signage

Exterior signs bring people inside. Interior signs are used to give them a great customer experience. These signs help people find their way around your business. They mark the locations of various departments or sections. They mark the locations of various departments or sections, highlight key products, and let people know where they can go for help.

Interior signs are also important for safety and compliance. Directional signs tell people where to go in case of an emergency. They show the locations of emergency exits, and some signs warn people of potential dangers. All of these signs keep customers safer.

Additionally, your business may need to display these signs to comply with safety regulations.

How to Communicate Your Brand Message Using Signs

Ideally, your interior and exterior signs will work together, creating an attractive, visually consistent experience for your customers. Signs should also communicate your overall brand messaging.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your signs leave the right impression:

  • Incorporate your logo into signs
  • Use the same font and color scheme
  • Keep signs in good repair
  • Place signs for the best visibility

For exterior signs, drive or walk by your business. Do this from different directions. Can you read your sign clearly? Does it draw attention? Are there visual obstructions? These things can be fixed with a new sign or better placement.

For interior signs, imagine that you have never been inside your business. Do the signs inside your building help people? Are they readable from a distance? What about appearance? Interior signs should stand out but also fit with your aesthetics.

National Signs for Interior and Exterior Signs

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