Directory signs are great for guiding customers or visitors.

How to Select Directory Signs for Your Building

Once you’ve already been through the process of having your company’s main outdoor sign designed and installed, it can be tempting to consider the matter of signage closed. Your new sign is lit up for all to see, and customers are spotting it from miles away. What else is there to do?

It’s time to start thinking about those functional signs that you don’t even notice but get you where you need to go. Directory signs help your customers know where to park, where to find the products they need, and much more.

So how do you know what signage you need for your company? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about professional-looking directory signs.

Determine Your Needs

The first step is to figure out where your customers will need help. If your business has a large parking lot or multiple entrances, you can install monument signs or post-and-panel signs to help direct your clients before they’ve even entered your building. This type of sign is often found in mall parking lots, large churches, and other big facilities.

Once they’re inside your building, customers need to know how to get to a specific office or department. You can save your receptionist a lot of headaches by placing wayfinding signs in your hallways tol help your clients get where they need to be.

The Central Hub

A great option for your lobby or reception area is a digital wayfinding display. With a Daktronics video screen, you can keep your company’s floor plan on display so customers can easily plan their route. You can also use a portion of the screen for advertising sales or special events and promotions.

The beauty of a digital display is that you can change anything you want with very little effort. Your map can stay prominently in view while your other announcements change out as often as you like. LED displays also require very little energy or maintenance costs, making them a good choice for your bottom line.

Staying on Track

The larger your facility, the more you’ll need to reinforce your wayfinding. You don’t want customers to have to memorize their route in the lobby and hope for the best; you want to keep them moving confidently toward their destination. You can accomplish this with wall plaques and perhaps some overhead hallway signage.

Don’t limit yourself to only marking turns, either. If your building has long hallways or you’ve got some lengthy straightaways in your parking lot, add an extra sign or two along the way. Letting your clients know that they’re on the right path keeps them happy and even moving faster.

Labeling Matters

After you’ve gone through all the trouble of directing your customers, don’t make them guess if they’ve found what they’re looking for or not. Important places at your business such as conference rooms, private offices, and cafeterias should be clearly marked. You don’t want your clients to stand around staring at closed doors. Let them know they’ve arrived.

If your business is a retail store, make sure to mark the different departments and aisles clearly. Churches would do well to put up some signs labeling the main sanctuary, the nursery, and other points of interest. Take a look around your company and ensure that everything is easy to recognize.

Don’t Forget the Details

You’re almost finished. You’ve got your central wayfinding information video screen just inside the front door, directory signs pointing the way around your parking lot and hallways, and you’ve properly labeled all of your important locations. What’s left?

It’s time to turn your attention to bathrooms, elevators, stairwells, floor numbers, and exit signs.

All of these are (hopefully) already taken care of, seeing as you’re legally required to mark them clearly. However, this seems like a good time to remind you that your company’s brand colors, font, and overall style can also show up on these types of signs. When your signs are all on brand, you’ll project professionalism to your customers.

Let Us Show You the Way

National Signs can help you design a system for your directory signs that will not only help your customers navigate your business but match your professional aesthetic as well. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the creations we’ve put together and get inspired to start your own directory signage project.