When to seek out sign repair near me.

3 Signs You Need to Find Sign Repair Near You

Your sign is the face of your business, so it’s crucial that it’s always looking its best. Unfortunately, no matter how well built your sign is, it will eventually need maintenance and repair.

Often, it can be all too easy to overlook the telltale signs of wear. Don’t let complacency keep you from the professional presentation your company deserves. Keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to find sign repair near you.

1. Standard Upkeep and Wear

Take a look around town, and you’re bound to see dozens of businesses that have completely dropped the ball on sign maintenance. One of the most common issues is burned out lights, and nothing makes your company look unprofessional quite as fast as dark letters on your sign at night. For this reason, it’s critical that you replace burned out lights as quickly as possible.

Another issue that simply comes with age is fading colors. This can be especially difficult to notice because it happens so gradually. Ask your sign manufacturer how long you can expect your colors to stay bright. Then, set yourself a reminder to schedule a fresh coat of paint to keep your sign looking its best.

2. Electrical Components

If you have a digital screen as part of your signage, you’ll occasionally need to check for dead pixels. Those are the annoying little black squares that can show up on video displays if you’re not familiar. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot them. Just take a brief moment to put up a completely white screen. You’ll know within seconds if it’s time to call for maintenance.

Other digital display problems might include larger sections of your sign going dark, a flickering screen, or malfunctions with the operating software. The good news is that these issues don’t happen very often and are usually simple to repair.

3. Physical Damage

While most business owners will notice when their sign becomes physically damaged, repairing it is sometimes pushed to the back burner. Often, these owners are worried about the hassle or expense of getting their sign fixed, and their business ends up looking bad because of it.

Sometimes, business owners think that certain types of damage can’t be repaired at all and will require a completely new sign. Before you put off these repairs, consider getting an evaluation from a qualified professional. You might be surprised at what a skilled sign maintenance team can do.

National Signs Keeps You Looking Great

If you partnered with us for your business signage, you’re in luck. Our signs come with a five-year warranty on all parts, labor, and signs. So not only do you have a professional sign repair team near you, it’s already paid for! Don’t let your sign maintenance needs make your business look bad. Contact us today and let us restore your sign to its original glory.