Seeking Church Sign Companies? Work with National Signs!

People passing by a church property notice outdoor church signs, so you want to ensure your church sign looks great and encourages people to consider visiting. Otherwise, they might miss an opportunity to fellowship and worship with your congregation! 

If it’s time for a new or updated church sign, start by finding professional church sign companies that understand the importance of appealing, cost-effective signs for churches. See why National Signs has what it takes to support your campus.

3 Reasons to Work with Church Sign Companies

National Signs is a proud member of the Church CO+OP, meaning we are already approved to provide signage solutions to churches across the country.

Discover the benefits of choosing National Signs for your church signage needs. Also, see the difference our signs can make for growing church bodies.

1. Bold Signs Make a Bigger Impact

If you want a church sign that grabs attention and draws people in, you need signage that is engaging and offers eye-catching curb appeal. People should be able to see your church sign from far away, with artistic or color choices that make it stand out so people remember your church name and location. 

Signs for churches don’t have to be flashy. But creative uses of color, lights, or unique sign styles make a lasting impression. In addition, lighted church signs may serve as a beacon that projects hope and peace to individuals passing by from your community.

 For example, you can have a classic brick monument sign installed near your property entrance but combined with a LED display so you are able to post information or messages in bold and colorful ways.

 National Signs offers a wide range of outdoor sign options, including:

  • Monument signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Channel letters
  • Pylon signs
  • LED displays
  • Video walls
  • Architectural signage

We create custom outdoor signs that help capture the essence of your church while also ensuring you make a great first impression throughout the year.

2. Enhance Community Connections

Your outdoor church signage should effectively communicate with anyone near your property, whether it’s a first-time visitor, a regular attendee, or community members that live or work nearby.

A great first start is making sure your signs tell people exactly what they need to know about your church. We can create church signs that help you share essential information such as: 

  • Church name and denomination
  • Church pastor, priest, rabbi, or leader
  • Service days and times
  • Current sermon topics
  • Upcoming events
  • Church website or contact information

When you display important information about your church 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’re more likely to have new visitors and encourage regular attendance. This effort is especially important when you’re hosting outreach events or service days benefiting the community and need to promote these major events. 

3. The Wisdom of Long-Term Signage 

Churches entrust their leaders to be wise stewards of tithes and offerings. Investing in well-constructed, reliable outdoor signage is a smart decision for church leadership.

Your church needs quality signs that are designed to draw people in, manufactured with expert craftsmanship, and installed with the utmost safety and professionalism. 

Working with National Signs to create durable, long-lasting signage made from durable materials is a much better use of church funds compared to using temporary banners or changeable letter signs that might break or get lost in bad weather.

Whether you want LED church signs for creative flexibility and instant messaging, a sleek and modern post and panel sign, or a timeless stone monument sign, we can create signs that meet your specific church needs.

National Signs Provides Effective Church Sign Solutions 

With only seconds to grab someone’s attention, your exterior church signs should reflect the warm and welcoming atmosphere found inside your church building. At National Signs, we provide church signage that is inviting, visually appealing, and worthy of your campus.

We have nearly 40 years of experience providing engaging, state-of-the-art church signage solutions for congregations across the country. Unlike other church sign companies that offer a limited selection of sign options, we can custom-design signage that beautifully reflects the heart and spirit of your church body in a lasting way. 

Contact National Signs today to request a quote and learn more about our full range of stunning church sign options for your church property. As a member of the Church CO+OP, we are happy to help your church grow and thrive!

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