Stunning and large lighted church sign of a cross shining bright at night.

Does Your Campus Need Lighted Church Signs?

Choosing the right sign for your church might at first seem straightforward. But because there are so many sign styles and options available, it can actually be a bit challenging to make the right selection.

  • Should you use outdoor display signs that display the name of your church and address?
  • What about wayfinding signs that indicate where to enter and park?
  • Here’s another to consider: lighted church signs that strengthen communication at your campus.

Lighted signs are an excellent choice to incorporate into your church signage. Learn why this option is ideal for attracting churchgoers, relaying important information, and engaging the community.

5 Reasons to Consider Lighted Church Signs

Here’s why we recommend lighted signs to churches across the country.

1. Create Awareness and Attract Visitors

Outdoor church signs can serve a few purposes, but the most important is to create awareness for your church and let community members know who you are. Lighted signs are a proven option to support engagement.

The light of a sign can help to draw the eye, and how you light your sign can display a bit more of your church’s personality. A lit sign also ensures that your church’s name is easy to see and read at any time of the day or night, so you’re always attracting and welcoming visitors or new congregation members.

Using lighted signs also makes it simple for guests to find your church, especially during night-time events such as a fall festival when they might be unfamiliar with how to find the main entrance and where to park.

2. Engage the Community and Communicate Messages

Finding an effective form of communication and presenting messages quickly and neatly is often a challenge for churches, but lighted signs can help. A lit sign is a fantastic way to engage the community.

  • Let people know about upcoming events, groups, or clubs.
  • Communicate additional events on campus (e.g. an event hosted by a separate ministry).
  • Inform churchgoers about changes in regular service times or announce special service times (e.g. Easter and Christmas).

Outdoor LED signs are also a great way to display positive messages to the community, letting people know that your church welcomes and supports them. Although you can also offer these messages with unlit signs, lighted signs make messages easier to read and help to draw focus to important information.

People who pass by the church may not have realized what social or community events or meetings the church offers, or they may not know when church services are available. A clear, direct sign can make it much easier for people to gather this information at a glance.

3. Welcome Members and Guests

Both indoor and outdoor sign solutions can help people feel more at home. As mentioned above, LED church signs help to attract visitors and new church members. They let people know that the church is there. Outdoor signs can also help people navigate the parking lot, especially at bigger church campuses.

Indoor signs can serve as a complementary piece that helps with wayfinding. Indoor lit signs can direct people to different areas of your campus or highlight each ministry:

  • Make it clear where to find meeting rooms, restrooms, or church service areas.
  • Display maps or information about events or gatherings.
  • Make the youth ministry or other ministries really stand out with electronic displays.

Because it’s easy to change the information displayed on these signs, you can use them to update schedules, alert people to new groups or clubs, or direct guests wherever they need to go.

4. Showcase Your Church’s Personality and Brand

Branding is a critical component of growing your church. Lighted signs offer a wide range of design and color options, making it a snap to create a sign that displays your church’s brand elements in unique and engaging ways.

The look of a sign can give people a good idea of what to expect from your church before they even walk in the door, and lighted signs can set the tone once guests have entered the building. You can easily set your church apart and create a unique atmosphere by incorporating brand elements into lighted displays.

5. Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

Aside from attracting attention, adding a pop of interest, and displaying information, lighted church signs are a great option because of how cost-effective they are.

For example, LED signs are built to last. They’re also low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. Because they’re thinner and more lightweight than other lighted sign options, you’ll also have more choices about where to place each sign.

LED church signs look modern and neat and stay bright and colorful for a long time, so you won’t need to worry about changing or replacing them for a long time. A new LED church sign can help to spruce up the appearance of your church, making it look clean, modern, and up-to-date.

Talk to Us About Lighted Church Signs

Lighted church signs are a simple, elegant way to promote your church, offer better direction, and provide a welcoming feel. National Signs works with churches across the U.S. to provide signage solutions that fit the needs of your campus.

We’re an end-to-end sign services company, so we provide design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services. National Signs is also a member of the Church CO+OP, which makes us an approved vendor to sell directly to churches.

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