Texas Woman’s University outdoor LED sign provided by National Signs in Houston, TX

Showcasing Our Designs – Brilliant Outdoor LED Signs in Houston

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, LED signage might be just the thing to take your company or organization to the next level. We have helped countless entities across the Greater Houston area elevate their branding and attract new business through compelling LED signage.

We’d like to showcase some of the outdoor LED signs that we have provided to our customers in key industries that include healthcare, education, retail, and hospitality.

Outdoor LED Signs That Align With Your Industry

National Signs offers a full suite of digital sign services that match the unique needs of your particular industry. Here are the specific ways that we support some of Houston’s most important industries.


– Enhance brand identity. Use your LED Memorial Hermann 4x3display toshowcase your logo or the healthcare services you provide to establish your organization as a trusted provider.

– Visually communicate public health messages. Use your outdoor signage to communicate public health notices such as COVID-19 transmission rates in the community, vaccine availability, etc. Signs can also be used to promote safety protocols or preventative measures such as flu shots, cancer screenings, and more.

– Introduce external wayfinding. If your hospital has several buildings or entrances, outdoor LED signs can help point visitors in the right direction to get where they need to go, supporting patient flow and satisfaction.

– You can see one of our outdoor LED signs on display at the Houston Heights branch of Memorial Hermann located at 1635 N Loop West.


– Support campus branding. Got school spirit?RiceSchoolLEDMonument 4x3 Proudly display your school colors, crest, or mascot on campus with a bright, attractive LED display.

– Relay dynamic, on-premise community messages. Change your sign every week or every day if needed. You can announce activities like football games or school plays, highlight the Teacher of the Week, and remind students of upcoming standardized tests or important assemblies.

– Add stadium signage to campus venues. If your high school, college, or university has an on-campus sports stadium or arena, then utilize LED signage to promote the presence of your sports treasure. Display messages on gameday, celebrate a big win, showcase your school’s win-loss record, provide upcoming game dates/times, and much more.

Check out one of our favorite signs that we provided for our neighbors at The Rice School. This K-8 magnet school uses their dynamic LED display in front of the campus to display reminders, announcements, and more.


– Dynamically market your services. Is your store GalleryFurniture blog4having a blowout sale? Promote it through outdoor LED signage! The great thing about LED displays is that once the sale is over, the sign can be changed to promote a new item or discount. You’ll be able to stay current all year round.

– Display hours and other important information. Tell potential customers your store hours so they can make a decision about whether to visit your store. Closed for a holiday? Let customers know ahead of time with your LED display.

– Convey new messages after re-branding. If your company has completed a brand transformation, it’s time for your signs to reflect the change. Add new logos, colors, fonts, or slogans to your signage to keep things looking fresh.

– One of the most well-recognized retailers in Houston that we’ve supported is Gallery Furniture. This huge, eye-catching outdoor sign stands out while driving down I-45. The sign includes an LED display to showcase their current or upcoming promotions.


– Introduce dynamic visuals promoting CambriaHotel blogavailable services. For hotels, outdoor LED signs can be a great way to showcase amenities such as swimming pools, business centers, free breakfast, and more.

– Convey re-branding. If your restaurant, bar, or hotel has changed its look, the signs definitely need to match. Update your logos, announce what’s new, and attract new customers through new signage.

– Create architectural accents. The hospitality industry is about creating an inviting, warm experience for guests. This is why the first impression is so important! We can help you utilize the physical space of your location to create a positive, memorable impression before guests step foot inside your building.

– If you’re in Downtown Houston, you’ll see our LED sign on the Cambria Hotel at the corner of Texas and Austin. We are proud of this design utilizing architectural accents to create an eye-catching sign for one of Houston’s premier hotels.

Check Out Our Portfolio of Outdoor LED Signs in Houston

Does your company or organization fall into one of the categories we identified? National Signs is ready to work with you to bring your vision to life through LED signage. We will design, manufacture, install, and maintain your signage that will help you reach your target audience for years to come.

Did we miss your industry? Don’t worry! We offer dedicated sign services for numerous industries. We’re sure to have a solution for your specific needs.

Check out our gallery to see some of our work designing and installing outdoor LED signs. If you think your business could benefit from our signage services, request a quote today!