LED Church sign for Windwood Presbyterian Church.

Why You Need an LED Church Sign

Exterior signage sets a specific tone for your church. Think of the sign outside your campus as the front door of your home. You want to present a welcoming, neat appearance to make everyone feel welcome once they set foot on your property.

If you’re considering new or updated signage, you will want to consider LED church signs. Bright and cheerful, these signs offer many customization options and can help to bring a modern, pleasing appearance to your church location.

3 Reasons You Should Invest in LED Church Signage

Ready to modernize your signage and create a more welcoming experience for attendees? Here are the best reasons why LED signage should be at the top of your list of options.

1. Demonstrate Your Church’s Personality

Your church’s sign is often the first thing people see when they arrive or even as they drive by. Because of this, electronic LED signs are an excellent way to display your church’s unique personality and give visitors or passersby a glimpse at your philosophies and church atmosphere.

Presenting your church’s name and guiding principles in beautiful lights gives people a clear idea of what they’ll find when joining your congregation.

LED panels also help to give your church a sense of modernity. Mixing a classic aesthetic with a more modern-looking LED sign helps attract younger worshippers while retaining a comforting, cozy feel.

Displaying a bright, friendly sign that details important church or community information is also a fantastic way to keep your community engaged. Signs with comforting or important community messages can offer a feeling of belonging, care, and welcome.

2. Make Announcements

Displaying your church’s name and a brief welcoming message in lights can make visitors feel at home, but with an LED sign, you don’t need to stop there. One of the most significant advantages of an electronic sign is electronic messaging:

  • Swap out messages to make announcements or offer new information.
  • Present a new, optimistic message each day.
  • Provide information about different groups, services, or meeting opportunities at your location.

With an electronic sign, changing the displayed messages is a snap. You can quickly switch the sign’s information for adjusted service hours or if the time for a meeting has changed. LED signs also make it simple to display reminder messages, so people can easily remember specific events and take note of when they’ll occur.

Outdoor signage is a great way to offer messages and notifications to anyone passing by or pulling into the parking lot. However, a central, indoor LED sign can also be quite helpful for anyone visiting the church.

Indoor LED displays can be an attractive way to display reminders or make announcements. This sign also reduces dependence on emails, flyers, and handouts. You can become more efficient at communicating messages!

3. Aid in Wayfinding

LED signs can also serve other purposes besides making announcements. For example, a church campus can be quite large, and if someone is new or is looking for an area they’ve never been to, it’s easy to get turned around or lost. LED signs can help visitors find their way:

  • The bright signs are easy to see – and read.
  • They stand out even in gloomy weather or when it’s dark.
  • Programmed messages can offer general guidance or be adjusted to direct people to specific areas for certain events.

Benefits of LED Signs for a Church

LED signs offer a modern look, and you can easily change messages or display new information. They provide a range of other benefits that you will enjoy:

  • More environmentally friendly than other electronic sign types.
  • Tend to have a longer lifespan.
  • Maintain their bright appearance for a lengthy period of time.
  • Do not require as frequent of sign service as other types of signs.
  • Bulbs won’t need to be replaced as regularly, and they are energy-efficient.
  • Will not need to spend as much on electricity.

From a construction standpoint, signs that use LEDs are relatively lightweight compared to other sign designs. Lightweight fabrication makes them easier to install and maintain. It also makes them more versatile, as you will have more options regarding where the signs can be hung.

LED screens are also generally water-resistant. They experience less weather damage, which can reduce maintenance requests while ensuring that your sign stays bright, readable, and welcoming all year.

Ready to Upgrade to LED Church Signs?

If you feel an LED church sign would be a positive addition to your campus, contact National Signs to discuss this uplifting option.

We offer end-to-end signage solutions, including permitting, design, fabrication, installation, and servicing, so creating signage is a breeze. Our expert sign designers are happy to offer a quote for LED signage on your campus.

We’re also a member of the Church CO+OP, which means we’re an approved vendor to sell directly to churches.

We can help you get started on LED church signage in a snap so that you can connect with members, visitors, and other churchgoers in a new and exciting way!