Interior signage to help elevate your brand.

Interior Signage You Need for Your Business

Companies want their property to look its best to create an excellent first impression, and great interior signs can help businesses achieve this goal. Signage systems help promote brands, direct customers and visitors, and offer helpful information throughout the property.

Learn more about the interior signage you need for your business and the different customization options for your specific business needs.

Architectural Signage

Across all industries, businesses rely on architectural signage to help point customers, guests, and vendors to where they need to go. These tend to be larger, prominently displayed signs that help people navigate their way through a building or large complex.

Architectural signs can be constructed from a wide variety of materials, such as aluminum, acrylic, plastic, or LED displays, and can be installed in many different kinds of interior environments.

Examples of common architectural signage include:

  • Seating sections of sporting arenas or performance venues
  • Department names throughout schools and universities
  • Conference center halls and meeting areas
  • Waiting rooms or check-in areas for medical facilities
  • Large wayfinding signs for elevators, escalators, or restrooms

Architectural signs help ensure that everyone on a business property clearly finds their way and has an overall positive experience while there.

ADA-Compliant Signs

Companies are also required to have ADA-compliant signage throughout public spaces, so it’s essential to have these signs clearly displayed with key information. ADA signage systems have to meet specific color contrast, font, and size requirements to remain in compliance and need to be installed near entrances, exits, restrooms, hallways, and other common areas.

ADA-compliant signs help make businesses accessible to all and ensure that all visitors and guests have the same level of ease and comfort as they spend time on a business property.

Modular Signs and Boards

Buildings also need modular interior signs and boards displayed when they have a large number of offices, businesses, or departments within their complex. Modular boards offer companies a chance to display detailed information in a clear and concise way, which is especially important for high-traffic areas like lobbies or busy retail centers.

Modular signs can provide details for:

  • Departments or employee offices in a specific area
  • Nearby storefronts in a mall or shopping center
  • Points of interest in museums or tourism areas
  • Specific departments or lab offices in a medical facility

Modular signs are a great choice for businesses because they offer flexibility and customization options as companies grow and change over time. New information can be quickly updated and displayed in a stylish and professional way.

News and Information Displays

People rely on updates and news to plan their day, and companies can use news and information displays to attract and retain visitors to their business property. As people walk through a lobby or waiting area, interior digital displays and LED signs can provide helpful information such as:

  • Time and temperature
  • Current weather conditions
  • Parking information
  • Visitor guidelines
  • Local and national news headlines
  • Stock market updates
  • Company news and events

Branding Names and Logos

For businesses looking to stand out, custom interior signs promote corporate brands and enhance the overall appearance of a business environment. These signs can be customized to highlight company names, logos, or other key artwork that ties into the corporate culture.

Branding signs can be installed in lobbies, reception areas, common areas, or in other prominent areas of a building. To further enhance their impact, customized signs can have 3-D effects, LED displays, or backlit features to display names and logos in sleek and sophisticated ways.

Product or Service Signs

Businesses can also add signage systems that display company products, services, or even prominent customers to high-traffic areas of their business. This helps promote the company by highlighting its full array of services and products to build brand awareness.

Also, companies might use interior signage to draw attention to their roster of clients, especially large or high-profile customers. When potential customers see others that have used a company’s goods or services, it can help persuade them to make that same choice.

How National Signs Can Help with Interior Signage

Interior signage should be visible, helpful, and eye-catching to make the best possible impact on customers and visitors to your business property. Companies need signs that express their brand’s personality and culture while also remaining visually pleasing and informative.

National Signs is the premier provider of top-quality interior signs, with a wide variety of customization and display options. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with all your signage needs.