Daktronics LED Video Wall Panel for community space.

10 Ways to Use LED Video Wall Panels

LED video wall panels are a great addition to your in-house signage, events, trade shows, and more. They provide crisp, bright displays, save money that you would have spent on multiple signs, and allow the display of still images, animation, and video.

However, you won’t see the total ROI possible if you don’t take advantage of the full range of possibilities with your video panels.

How to Put Your LED Video Wall Panel to Work

Fortunately, LED video wall panels are highly versatile. All it takes is a little inspiration to start seeing the full potential of your investment. So take a look at these suggestions for creative uses of your video panels and let your imagination run wild.

Corporate Graphics and Logos

If you have LED video panels in your lobby, around your office, or in your store, you can use them to reinforce your branding with style. While you could use static versions of your logo and slogan, these screens allow you to take it to the next level with animation to catch the viewer’s eye.

When it’s time to update your company’s logo, you won’t have to worry about ordering new signage for these displays. Instead, just switch out the digital file, and you’re good to go!

Wayfinding Signage

Use your video panels to help customers navigate your store by including directions in your graphics rotation. This can be great for assisting people in finding different departments, the information desk, restrooms, or seasonal displays.

Again, you won’t have to order new signs when things change. Instead, just update the graphics to keep customers pointed in the right direction when your new layout is complete.


Do you have a sale or a special event going on? Let your customers know about it with your LED video panels. You’ll save tons of time vs. ordering and putting up banners and then taking them down again once the sale is over.

If your video panels aren’t client-facing, you can also announce special occasions like employee birthdays, weddings, and new babies.


Did your company recently have a fun event like a Christmas party or a cookout? You can easily put together a slideshow of those memories to keep morale up long after the party’s over. You can also put pictures of new hires into rotation (with their name onscreen, of course) to help everyone get to know the new people a little faster.

Retail businesses often receive product photos for the products they sell. Set up your LED video panel near that product display and make use of those pics. They’re not just for websites anymore!

News and Weather Updates

If you want to draw attention to your signage, try displaying good general information like news reports or the weather forecast. You’ve seen something similar for years with signs that include clocks and outdoor temperatures.

People are more likely to look when they see something relevant to them, and they’re more likely to keep looking once they’ve started. So take advantage of this to grab the attention of some extra viewers.

Safety Alerts

Whether it’s client-facing or not, your LED video panels are a fast way to convey important safety information. So if you’ve got construction areas, inclement weather, or any other cause for concern, you can make sure everyone in your building is informed as quickly as possible.

Just because you’re using your screens for a non-business purpose doesn’t mean you have to abandon branding entirely. For example, safety alert graphics can still include your company logo at the top or bottom without looking tacky.


If you have a constantly changing schedule, you can make things much easier for your employees (and, therefore, you) by posting the upcoming shifts where workers can read them easily. People are generally more likely to look at a screen than a piece of paper, and you won’t have any complaints about it being taken down or written on.

You could also use this idea to help out your customers. For example, if you have departments with different hours or special events or demonstrations at certain times of the day, you can display your schedule for all to see. Again, it’s extremely easy to change the graphic if something needs to be adjusted at a moment’s notice.


Restaurants can use LED video panels for advertising not only the regular menu but specials as well. You can also include things that aren’t on your physical menus, such as wine and dessert pairings.

If your display is outside of your restaurant, you can often attract customers with nothing more than this. You might even notice that your service and turnover times are improving thanks to customers already having a good idea of what they want before they sit down.

Rules and Policies

Using your LED video wall panels to display important information like company rules can help raise awareness within your staff faster than a photocopy on the break room bulletin board.

By utilizing your video panels, you can easily highlight new policies and existing rules that your staff might need to be reminded of. When typically dull content like this is put into rotation with more attention-grabbing things, you increase the likelihood that your employees will see it and remember it better.

Promotional and Explanatory Videos

Does your company have videos for television, social media, or your website? Those videos could be doing double duty if you add them to your video wall panel rotation.

You can also make use of things like instructional or explanatory videos for the different products and services you offer. Think of it as having a salesperson standing by your display demonstrating your star product 24/7.

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