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Where Can You Find the Best LED Sign Board Suppliers in Texas?

You probably know that there are LED sign board suppliers all across the state of Texas. But what you are really looking for is the best LED signage provider, and that company should also provide LED board signs in your area.

We’ll start by telling you what to avoid: Don’t just click any link you see when you search for LED sign boards. There are many LED sign board suppliers out there, but not all of them can meet your needs.

Instead, please bookmark this page and use it as a reference! We’ve created it as a helpful walk-through for anybody who is looking for a premium, quality supplier of LED displays.

Why Choose an LED Sign Supplier?

When it comes to quality signs for businesses, health centers, schools, and stores, LED signs have emerged as a top choice. When you purchase a custom LED sign, you get something that is:

  • Energy-efficient compared to other options
  • Lighter weight than neon
  • Exceptionally bright with good color quality
  • Longer-lasting than many alternatives

LED signs are also extremely versatile. They can display videos and animations, illuminate storefront signs, provide accent lighting for interior signs, and backlight metal or glass signs.

There’s no limit to the aesthetic styles you can create with LED. Because it is so customizable, an LED sign can be made to fit an upscale corporate complex, an elementary school, a sports stadium, or even a historic district.

First, Know Your Options

First, there is a wide range of LED sign types on the market. Before you can truly know what you want, you should know a few of your options.

Indoor and Outdoor LED

Do you need an indoor or outdoor digital sign? That question is easy enough to answer, but it’s helpful to know the differences between the two.

A good outdoor sign is able to withstand harsh weather elements, including rain, wind, or hail. But outdoor signs are generally more expensive. This is due to the difference in size and the number of bulbs that are needed to get the desired visibility in signs for outdoor use. Finally, an outdoor sign is easier to see from greater distances.

Full-Color LED

Full-color display signs can feature a full spectrum of colors for videos, animations, and high-def graphics. This can create a dazzling display for a wide range of promotions.

Double-Sided Signs

A double-sided sign can display illuminated messages on each side. You may display the same wording on both sides, or you can strategically place different messages on each.

Monochrome LEDs

A monochrome LED sign is used to display important information. The LED light colors available for these signs are red and amber. You frequently see these in use on the highway and other places where safety is important.

What’s in a Name? Other Names for LED Signs

LED signs are known by a range of names. As you’re looking for the best signage to meet your needs, you might see these signs referred to as digital displays, digital signs, or digital billboards. By any name, however, they can be an effective way to get the word out about your company!

Identify the Sign You Need

Now that you know your options, you can use this information to determine the precise type of high-quality sign that would work best for your needs. Ask these questions to pinpoint your choice further:

  • Do I need people to view the sign from both directions?
  • What about nighttime visibility?
  • What is the max viewing distance?
  • Are there local size or height regulations?
  • What kind of information do I need to display?
  • Is there an aesthetic or branding I want the digital signage to reflect?

Keep these questions and any others you have in mind as you seek out the best LED sign board suppliers in Texas. A good designer will take your requirements and calculate your sign’s ideal size, height, and placement.

Why Choose an LED Sign Supplier?

An LED sign supplier can bring a number of advantages to your business. They can evaluate your signage needs to help you choose the right products for your budget, the location of the sign, the types of promotions you want to feature, and more.

When you work with one of the best LED sign board suppliers in the area, you can also use them as a resource if you ever need maintenance or repairs on your signs.

Tips for Finding the Best LED Sign Board Suppliers in TX

Now you know the type of high-quality LED sign you want. At the very least, you have a good idea. Let’s take the information you have and go over a few tips. These will help you find a Texas-based sign maker that specializes in premium quality work.

Make Sure the Company Serves Your Area

There are many LED sign board suppliers in TX, but some will only serve a small area; they simply don’t have the logistics resources to serve multiple cities. Of course, you need a company that can design, deliver, and install your sign.

Service area is an important “tell” in other ways as well. A small company may lack the resources to deliver the exact sign you want, and for example, they may not have the equipment needed to handle orders for large-scale outdoor LED signs.

Know Their Process

A trustworthy company will be happy to tell you how their process works. You are investing money in a sign that will represent your business or organization. Remember that your costs will also include delivery, setup, and permits.

Not all companies will follow the same process, but all should be able to explain:

  • Their design process
  • What they do to transform your idea into a sign
  • Their QA processes
  • Steps for delivery and installation
  • Permits, insurance, and other administrative matters
  • Approximate time to delivery

You should be comfortable with the sign company’s processes and their willingness to be forthcoming with you.

Ask About Permits and Regulations

Almost every city or county requires permits to install signs, especially large exterior signs. These permits often require showing proof of proper insurance, presenting a plan, undergoing an inspection, and following all Texas regulations for commercial signs.

Some cities have rules about sign height, brightness, proximity to the road, and so on. Ideally, all of this will be entirely hands-off for you; the company should be willing to handle these details on your behalf and will have plenty of experience doing so.

Read the Reviews and Ask for References

Reputation is key. You will want to select a company with decent longevity that has also earned an excellent reputation with previous customers. Take time to read through reviews and testimonials from a variety of sources.

Check the company’s website and reviews, and look at the feedback they receive through social media. You should also reach out to your own colleagues or business associates, who may have their own insights and recommendations.

Of course, nothing will provide you with a better assurance of quality and reputation than a few verifiable references. If possible, ask to connect with someone who has ordered similar LED signage.

Ask About Warranties

Learning that an LED sign provider offers warranties on their labor and products is always a confidence boost. Ask any company about this. If they publish warranty information on their website, review it carefully. You’ll want to know exactly what is covered and for how long.

Verify that the Company Offers Technical Support

What happens if you have difficulty operating your new sign or if you want to change what is being displayed?

The new LED sign you purchase should be easy to operate. Still, there may be times in which you need assistance after the sale. If so, what support resources are available to you? Is there a toll-free number or online support? What about periodic maintenance?

Some people prefer to do their own troubleshooting. If you do, inquire about resources the company might have, such as helpful videos or blog posts.

Verify They Work with Similar Clients

Does the company you are considering have a track record of working with companies like yours? For example, a sign company that has largely produced LED signs for retail storefronts and small local businesses may not have much experience creating the kind of understated signs you would want for corporate spaces or hospitals. If you need an outdoor sign that can clearly be seen out on a football field, you’ll want to work with a vendor who understands how to protect your signs from the elements.

Review the Company’s Work

The most important step you will take during this process is to review the company’s work. If they are local to you, try to drive around to see some of their signs in person. Are they nice looking? Do they work? Are they kept in good repair? These are all signs that a company takes pride in its work and follows up with service after the sale.

If this isn’t possible, ask to see an online portfolio. Most quality LED sign board suppliers will have a gallery of samples published on their websites. Others should be willing to email pictures of their work to you. This will allow you to see the work they produce and help you decide whether they can produce what you want.

The Top LED Sign Board Supplier in Texas

We’ve provided you with this helpful information to help you make an informed decision when you purchase a custom-designed LED sign. When you have completed your research, we are confident that you will see that National Signs is your best choice.

We offer a wide selection of sign displays, types, and sizes. View our gallery to see some samples of our work. Whether you’re just starting to learn about the benefits of LED signs or you’re ready to take the leap, our team is always happy to provide a quote or answer your questions.