Architectural signage by National Signs for Kinder High School of Visual and Performing Arts.

The Latest Ideas for Architectural Signage Crafted into Buildings

Architectural signs play an important role on any business property or public space since they can enhance a company’s brand while offering wayfinding guidance. We appreciate seeing a creative, bold sign crafted into a building to make a solid first impression!

Our award-winning design team is eager to work with architects and design firms to incorporate new ideas for architectural signage into your design ideas. Together, we can help enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of signs.

We want to share some of our latest ideas to create stunning, functional signs that will accentuate the building architecture for your clients for years to come.

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Why We Are Champions of Architectural Signs

We believe architectural signs are powerful types of custom signs that are aesthetically pleasing and can serve a variety of functions.

  • They provide navigation to visitors when installed in commercial and public spaces while increasing brand awareness.
  • They are permanent, durable sign solutions that guide people to areas throughout the property.
  • They can be part of a larger, cohesive sign system that reflects a company’s business style and décor.

These signs offer a professional and polished appearance, allowing visitors to have a positive experience while on the property. They might also display a name, corporate logo, an iconic symbol, navigational info, or keywords and phrases associated with a company or industry in a unique and exciting way.

3 Ways to Smartly Incorporate Architectural Signs into a Design

Let’s dive into some of our ideas to bring your architectural sign design ideas to life.

1. Add to Support Structures or Building Façades

A popular way to integrate architectural signs into a building is to use them as part of the support structures or building façade. For example, your client may want to add their business letters to the front of the building. Or, they may wish to affix their corporate logo to the side of the building that faces a busy street.

Installing large-scale architectural signs in prominent locations outside the building makes it easier for people to find the business. In addition, well-made and stunning signs can quickly become landmark locations for people to see and celebrate, bringing in additional foot traffic through positive word-of-mouth.

2. Use Creative Shadow, Light, and Art Features

For a dramatic effect, you may consider using shadows and light creatively and boldly. Building names or logos may be designed and manufactured to cast shadows onto the ground below, or signs could use both front-lit and back-lit displays for an eye-catching illumination effect.

An architectural sign also gives you the opportunity to make bold, artistic choices in how your client’s business brand, logo, or name is displayed to the public. Unlike indoor signs that may be limited in size and scope, outdoor signage can be designed and manufactured to display unique designs, textures, shapes, or symbols in a large-scale way to capture attention.

When the sign stands out in innovative ways, it’s more likely to make a lasting impression and present a business in the best possible way to visitors and customers. This visual impact is especially important if a company is located on a high-traffic road or in an area with many businesses competing for attention.

3. Eye-Catching LED Displays

Digital signage has transformed how businesses promote their brand and communicate with their target audience, making LED displays a popular choice for those needing eye-catching architectural signage.

LED screens allow companies to display real-time navigational information to visitors on their property while also highlighting upcoming events, targeted messages, and other pertinent information.

LED displays can be installed on monument or pylon signs to help visitors find a property. They can also be installed in lobbies, parking garages, hallways, or other public spaces to maximize their visibility and effectiveness.

Digital displays offer a modern, up-to-date rotation of dazzling graphics. They are easily updated to reflect changes in style, colors, seasons, or messaging to create a cohesive look throughout the space.

Discover Architectural Signage Solutions from National Signs

For 40 years, National Signs has been a leading provider of top-quality sign solutions for a full range of industries, including corporations, schools, stadiums, performance venues, healthcare, retail, and places of worship.

Our team of sign designers will take the time to understand your client’s specific business goals and signage needs and be ready to work with you to craft stunning signs that are attractive, functional, and durable for years to come.

We strive to ensure each sign we produce is designed, manufactured, and installed with the utmost professionalism and quality. We back up our work with a comprehensive 5-year warranty for all parts and labor to ensure total satisfaction.

In addition, our signs are fabricated and installed right here in America. We use long-lasting materials that are designed to withstand years of wear and tear. Plus, we understand how to comply with local zoning ordinances and building codes to ensure your client’s signage is always protected.

Contact National Signs today to learn more about our architectural signage solutions. Let’s start a partnership to support the business signage needs of your clients!