National Signs helped grow Greater Houston Area business with custom LED Sign

Grow Your Business Working With Our Houston LED Sign Company

There are a lot of factors to consider when you want to grow your business. The quality of your product or service, the speed of your delivery, and your customer service are just a few of the aspects that you might want to improve. However, few areas will have as much impact as advertising.

The way you market your business is a statement to potential customers. They need to know who you are and what you can do for them. While many advertising strategies are designed for reaching far, like digital and television campaigns, today it’s time to talk about something a lot closer to home.

The sign that announces your business to the world is often the first impression people will get of your company. It makes sense to invest in one that’s eye-catching, infinitely customizable, and cost-effective.

Let’s talk about LED signs and how our Houston LED sign company can help your business.

Attract Attention

Getting people to notice your business should be the number one priority for your sign. LED signs are more noticeable than traditional banners and therefore tend to be more memorable. When your potential customers drive past, you want them to notice you. You need to stand out from every other sign in the area that’s also vying for their attention.

LED signs also have a huge advantage over traditional signs because they can incorporate motion. An animated sign will draw attention much faster than a static image, whether it’s an animated element of your logo or the transition between graphics as you advertise your current sales. If you want to grab someone’s attention (and maybe inspire an impulse buy), animation is the way to go.

A well-designed LED sign will lend your business an extra layer of prestige as well. When you’ve got a custom-designed sign in front of your company, it immediately sets you apart from your competitors. You may be a family-owned business, but family-owned doesn’t have to mean small. Let your customers know that you’re running an experienced, modern company by presenting yourself like a pro.

Customize Your Message

Do you have a special event or a big sale going on? Maybe you’d like to change your look for an upcoming holiday or even match your colors with the season. If your sign game is still analog, you would need to purchase additional signs to advertise seasonal promotions or decorate for the holiday.

Not so with LEDs.

One of the most useful aspects of LED signage is its ability to adapt on the fly. You can count down the days to your next big promotional event or ring in the new year with some animated fireworks with just a few clicks – no need to buy extra signs that will just look tacked on anyway. Your message can change as often as it needs to while still keeping a clean, professional look.

LED signs let you keep your customers in the know at all times. The same sale that might not warrant its own television ad can be broadcast to everyone who drives past at no extra cost. When you start seeing those extra cars pulling into your parking lot, you’ll know that your LED sign is paying for itself.

Keep the Lights On

With the lower energy needs of LED, you can have a cost-effective source of advertising running 7 days a week, 365 days a year. LEDs are bright enough to be seen at any time of day and in all but the most extreme weather conditions. That’s an ad campaign for your business running ‘round the clock!

This beacon of advertising also acts as a landmark for your business and beyond. When you’ve got a well-designed illuminated sign running around the clock, people will start giving directions based on it. This kind of “accidental word of mouth” advertising will keep you in your customer’s minds.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting some free social media advertising too. People love checking in to places they visit throughout their day, and selfies with an interesting sign in the background are more and more common.

Make the Switch to Digital

Between the extra attention of an illuminated moving sign, the customization options that LED provides, and the added benefits of having a recognizable landmark right in front of your store, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch from traditional signage.

In addition to all of the extra business growth, LED signs are better for the environment and even require less work since they automatically correct their brightness when the sun goes down. The benefits of moving your signage to a digital format are almost endless.

Are you ready to grow your business and look good doing it? Make the jump to LED by contacting our Houston LED sign company today for a quote. We’re here to help you grow your business!