A digital signage management system to help you easily control your electronic signage

The Best Digital Signage Management System

One of the best reasons to go with Daktronics for electronic signage is the opportunity to use their amazing Venus Control Suite. This digital signage management system offers tremendous value for businesses, schools, event venues, healthcare providers, and companies in other industries that use digital scoreboards.

As an authorized Daktronics partner, National Signs can help your company or organization take advantage of the powerful Venus platform to send the right message at the right time to your target audience. Learn more about the features, functionality, and benefits of Venus.

10 Reasons to Utilize Venus for Digital Signage Management

We have compiled 10 of our favorite reasons why the Venus platform offered by Daktronics is the right choice for digital signage management.

1. Simple message creation. You can create memorable electronic messages directly on the platform using their flexible editing tool. Or, you can import designs that you have already created in various file formats. The choice is yours!

2. Manage your messages. For the organizers on your team, you can easily manage each message that you want to display on your Daktronics scoreboard. Want to change the order of messages to display? Need to make a specific change to an existing message? The process is quick and easy in Venus!

3. Schedule your messages. With Venus, you don’t need to sit by the computer waiting for the exact right moment to schedule a new message. You can plan ahead by scheduling all of your messages on the platform. Need to leave the office to take care of other business? Is someone on your team on vacation? Plan your messages in advance, then easily schedule them for when you want each one to display on your scoreboard.

4. Manage messages on multiple devices. You know how it goes. As soon as you leave the office, you receive an alert that one of your electronic messages needs to be updated. Instead of scrambling to get back to the office or canceling the weekend getaway, you can make changes on a phone or tablet!

Using the cloud-based Venus platform, you can control the messages from any Internet-connected device, whether you’re sitting at the computer, using your tablet while on the road, or checking your phone during lunch with a client. Save time and effort.

5. Ease of use. Venus is a highly intuitive and flexible digital signage management system that can be tailored to the skills of any user. The platform was designed to create a wonderful user experience for anyone!

Whether you have a graphic designer on your team who wants to create eye-popping designs directly on the platform or just want to update your display with some basic text quickly, anyone can use Venus.

6. Use conditional scheduling. One of the neatest features of Venus is that you can create rules for when certain messages are displayed. For example, you can pre-create a message that will display in weather conditions such as hot, cold, or rain. There are many other options to create content that will only display when certain conditions are met.

7. Manage multiple displays. Do you have multiple electronic displays? Are the scoreboards scattered across numerous locations? Instead of manually updating the display for each location, you can use Venus to manage a network of displays.

The benefit for your team is that you can set up the network to share all of the same content or some of the content. For example, perhaps you want to display a weekend sale at all of your retail locations. Or, you only want to display this sale at some of your locations. You can pick which content to share globally and which content should only go to select places. It’s easy to manage!

8. Incorporate emergency alerts. Each of the major national emergency alert systems is integrated with Venus (e.g., National Weather Service, Amber Alerts, Emergency Alert System, and more). You have the option to choose whether to display these alerts, some of the alerts, or not use the alerts.

Whenever there is an alert for each system you select, then a message will automatically display on your scoreboard. With this easy integration, you can utilize your Daktronics digital display to keep your community informed.

9. Use data integrations. In addition to creating your own content for electronic displays, you can also use Venus to incorporate messages from other sources. The top-notch Data Studio feature in Venus allows you to grab data from third-party feeds that you can display on your scoreboard.

For example, you can use the integration to display sports scores without having to manually update the score yourself. This way, you can keep your community informed about how the local team is doing. Venus makes it easy to trigger data-driven content that can be displayed across one screen or all of your screens.

10. Venus is secure! Security is so important in today’s world of cybersecurity challenges. That’s why Daktronics offers customers the ability to host Venus in their ultra-secure data center. Daktronics uses the latest security features to ensure that your display communicates exactly what you planned, without outside interference.

Talk to Us About Using Daktronics and the Venus Platform

Ready to upgrade your electronic sign displays? If you’re not already using Daktronics for digital signage, then now is a great time to consider investing in a new electronic sign for your location(s).

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to access the robust Venus digital signage management system to streamline your team’s efforts in creating signage for each display.

As a Daktronics partner, we can help bring your vision to life by incorporating electronic displays into your physical space. Contact us today to request a quote!