Daktronics Signs and their advantages.

5 Advantages of Choosing Daktronics Signs

Businesses have many different avenues for reaching out to customers and promoting their brand, but few are as bold and eye-catching as a bright, prominently displayed LED sign.  Digital signage is transforming the way companies advertise and connect with consumers, and Daktronics signs are the world leader in reliable, innovative LED displays and video boards.

Companies that choose Daktronics signs enjoy a clear advantage and wide variety of opportunities over other types of static signs and basic displays.  We’ll highlight five of the top advantages of choosing Daktronics signs and explain how they help businesses through effective advertising.

1. Wide Variety of Size and Display Options

One of the most important ways that Daktronics signs give an advantage over other types of traditional advertising or static signage is that they offer endless size and display options.  Companies can choose LED signs of different sizes, shapes, and colors to meet their specific business needs.

Because of their versatility and variety, you can find Daktronics signs in every part of the world. They can be seen promoting industries and areas such as:

  • Retail centers
  • Theaters and performance venues
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Sports arenas
  • Local governments
  • Roadway safety

Daktronics signs can be customized to meet the unique needs and goals of businesses, local governments, and other groups interested in bold, innovative signage on their property.

2. The Best, User-friendly, Centralized Software

All Daktronics signs use Venus Control Suite software, a platform-based system that allows users to access and update signs from any device with a web browser.  Through the Venus software, companies can enjoy the advantage of being able to seamlessly display scheduled messages or urgent information at once, whether it’s for 10s or 1,000s of company signs.

Each sign comes with its own cell modem installed inside for 24/7 access, along with a lifetime data plan and a steady and private connection through Verizon’s nationwide broadband spectrum. In addition, the Venus Control Suite allows users to import, create, edit, and schedule all through one system, simplifying the messaging process.

3. Durable Materials and Manufacturing

Another distinct advantage in choosing Daktronics signs is their reliability and durability in all weather conditions.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, Daktronics signs undergo rigorous testing in their product reliability lab to ensure long-lasting functionality.

Because Daktronics signs are built to last and are made of rugged materials, they can be installed in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor areas for maximum visibility.  Daktronics manufactures digital signage such as:

  • Outdoor and indoor scoreboards
  • LED Signs
  • Video Signs and Walls
  • Digital Roadside Billboards
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Digital Street Displays

A Daktronics sign is one that is built to last and reflects a professional, bold image to consumers and the surrounding community.

4. Eye-Catching Graphics and Animation

A key distinction between Daktronics signs and other types of promotion and messaging is the eye-catching graphics and animations options available with LED signs and digital displays.  Daktronics signs offer high-resolution graphics in a captivating advertising and promotional medium that stands out among other options or competitors.

Additionally, Daktronics signs also offer the opportunity to display true-to-life images and videos with strong visibility in high-traffic areas.  The messaging and images displayed can easily capture the attention of people walking or driving nearby, which is especially important in adverse weather conditions.

5. Cost Effective Promotion

Finally, Daktronics signs provide a clear advantage because they are a cost-effective, long-term investment in the promotion and growth of a business or industry.  Because they are rugged and reliable, their longevity results in reduced maintenance and repair costs over time compared to a traditional billboard or static sign.  Also, companies can offset installation costs by offering community advertisement and sponsorship opportunities to nearby businesses or groups.

In addition, Daktronics signs offer users an easy way to build their brand recognition in their local communities without contributing to waste through paper mailers or email spam.  Because Daktronics signs utilize LED lights, they are more energy-efficient than other kinds of advertising or promotional billboards that rely on heavy spotlights for visibility.

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Daktronics signs are an advertising medium that is second to none because of their flexibility and complete customization to industry needs.  As companies expand and offer new services, Daktronics signs can highlight these changes in an instant, attention-grabbing way that mail fliers, newspaper ads, and other static ads cannot.

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