National Signs provides guidance on leadership and communication during the Texas Ministry Conference 2022

Texas Ministry Conference 2022: Providing Leadership and Communication Guidance

National Signs is eager to participate in the Texas Ministry Conference 2022 scheduled for Thursday, February 17th, at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

We also participated in the 2021 Texas Ministry Conference, an amazing time of refreshment and connection one year after the COVID-19 pandemic disruption.

This year, the theme of the TMC conference is “Together We…” which captures the spirit of bringing leaders together to support ministry work that takes place in Houston and across the country.

As a member of the CO+OP (Church Supplies & Services, Inc.), National Signs will have a strong presence at this year’s conference. National Signs CEO Cody Johnson will be leading workshops that will offer leadership and communication guidance to attendees.

Our Workshops During the 2022 Texas Ministry Conference

The National Signs team will have a busy day on February 17th, leading three separate workshops. We hope that you will make plans to attend as many workshops as possible throughout the day!

Session A – From the Pew to the Parking Lot: Communicating Your Message for Better Results

In this session, Matthew will address the need for churches to be thoughtful about their signage for visitors. Matthew will emphasize the point that visiting a new church can be stressful. Hence, visitors need clear direction when arriving on-campus to feel comfortable and want to return the following Sunday.

Matthew’s workshop will dive into the specific type of signage that church leaders should incorporate into their space – both outside the church building to greet guests and inside the building to guide guests.

Session B – Effectively Building a Leadership Team

Cody will also lend his expertise on leadership. In this TMC workshop, he will provide attendees with insights on how to work more effectively together and how to execute plans for the church.

The workshop will include insights from the Entrepreneurial Operating System® that is detailed in Gino Wickman’s bestselling book, Traction. Attendees will learn how to build a healthy leadership team in their church to support growth, increase retention, and prevent burnout.

Session C – Equipping Your Staff to Communicate Wisely

Every church needs to analyze the effectiveness of its outreach efforts, especially the use of electronic messaging at their campus. In this workshop, Andy Bourn will dissect the various types of messages that should be used on electronic signs.

Andy will provide insight on what causes a potential visitor to take note of your message, how to effectively deliver mission-critical messages, and how long each message should be. Attendees will also learn more about how to create mission-relevant content packages for their electronic scoreboards.

See You at the TMC Conference in Houston!

The Texas Ministry Conference is the ideal venue to provide ministry leaders with the tools and resources they need to support church life. We are looking forward to delivering the latest information and guidance on how church leaders can maximize their communication efforts through signage and build stronger teams.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Texas Ministry Conference! To find out more about this year’s conference program, visit TexasMinistryConference.org.