Church sign installed by National Signs in Houston, Texas

Texas Ministry Conference 2021: Going Virtual to Support Church Signage Needs


At National Signs, we’ve had the pleasure of creating and installing signs for a wide variety of organizations, including places of worship. Many of the connections we’ve made to churches across Texas can be attributed to our partnership with the CO+OP (Church Supplies & Services, Inc.) and the Texas Ministry Conference (TMC).

This year, the Texas Ministry Conference went virtual to provide resources for decision-makers and leaders in various types of ministries, including churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations. During TMC 2021 in March, we had the opportunity to participate in the conference as a resource for leaders to find signage for their specific needs.

Our Participation in TMC 2021

Due to the pandemic, this year’s conference looked a lot different than in past years. Like many recent events, the organizers of TMC decided to go virtual – and National Signs was excited to be involved! TMC utilized an online platform to create “virtual booths” that allowed companies to connect with church leaders from across Texas.

We had the chance to speak to many leaders that were looking to add or upgrade signage at their places of worship. The virtual meetings allowed us to discuss key elements of church signage such as:

  • Branding Elements
  • Visual Environments
  • Budget Planning
  • Establishing Timelines

We also discussed the various types of church signage that can make a campus stand out to attract visitors and communicate important messages to the congregation.

Types of Church Signage We Recommend

Depending on the location and size of a church, the signage needs can vary greatly. National Signs appreciates the opportunity to help leaders determine the best signage that will work at their location.

Here are three outdoor sign styles that we know will work great on a church campus.

1. Pylon Signs

If your church is located off a freeway or next to a busy road, a pylon sign may be just what you need. Pylon signs are very tall, and the main goal is for the sign to be seen from a distance. These signs can also be customized to any shape, color, or style in order to stand out from the crowd.

2. Post and Panel Signs

If you have multiple buildings on your church’s campus, a post and panel sign is a great tool to support wayfinding. These signs are generally at eye-level and are most often seen at entrances to parking lots or adjacent to sidewalks. This sign style can help point churchgoers toward the right building to make it on time for Sunday service, Bible school, or a social event.

3. LED Boards

If your house of worship has multiple services throughout the week, you may want to use a dynamic LED display that can be updated each day to show parishioners upcoming service dates and times. LED boards can also utilize videos and photos that may help your church to celebrate holidays, showcase upcoming events, preview an upcoming sermon series, or display Bible verses for those passing by.

How We Can Help Your Church in Texas

The message you convey to the public is important because it should reflect what makes your church stand out. National Signs specializes in designing, fabricating, and maintaining unique signage to enhance your church’s brand and help you effectively communicate important information.

We’re proud to be an industry leader in helping churches with their signage, which is why we appreciated the opportunity to participate in this year’s virtual Texas Ministry Conference.

Contact us today to discuss the type of signs that will work best for the unique needs at your place of worship. We look forward to helping your church grow!