Learn more about how to choose an LED vs neon sign for your business.

LED vs Neon Sign: What Should You Get?

So you’re ready for a new illuminated sign (or maybe adding on to an old one), but you’re struggling to decide which type you want: LED vs neon sign. You might be interested in the classic neon look, but the LED screens are supposed to be the latest and greatest. How do you decide?

It’s time to shine a light on these two competing options. We’ve broken down the five most significant comparison points to help make your choice easier. So which will be the best and brightest?

1. Price

Generally speaking, these types of signs have very similar costs. However, this might vary depending on your location, as neon signs are not in as high demand anymore, and you may have trouble finding a fabricator near you.

Some estimates claim that LED signs may be as much as 10% cheaper, but since the design and size of your sign is a huge variable, we’re going to call this one a wash.

2. Versatility

We hate to spoil the ending, but LED wins this round.

Neon signs are glass tubes filled with gases. Once they’ve been created, they’re not changing. LED signs, on the other hand, can carry any message you like at any time. Changing your company logo? No problem. Promoting a big holiday sale? Your sign is updated in minutes. LED signs win the versatility contest without a fight.

3. Brightness

Some people prefer the look of neon light. It’s often described as a “warmer” look. Neon also has a certain nostalgia attached to it, reminding people of old Las Vegas or the signs on the walls of their favorite college hangout.

As far as brightness goes, however, neon can’t compare to LED. LED light is plainly visible from a much greater distance, even during broad daylight or inclement weather. So if you’re looking to be seen, LED is the way to go.

4. Maintenance

Neon signs don’t require much maintenance, but they do need their gases to be refilled occasionally. Unfortunately, the professionals who are best equipped to do this are not cheap.

LED signs hardly need any maintenance at all and can last upwards of 10 years. So while neither type of sign is going to be particularly service-heavy, you’ll usually get less hassle out of an LED sign and an easier (and cheaper) maintenance option if you do need something checked out.

5. Power

Finally, we come to the question of not only your utility bill but also your ecological footprint. It doesn’t seem like much of a contest when neon lights are just a few tubes of illuminated gases versus LED screens with their thousands of diodes.

This one might surprise you, but LED lights are between 5 to 10 times more energy-efficient than neon signs. This can add up to some tremendous savings, especially in the long term.

The Future is Brighter

There’s a reason you don’t see as many neon signs anymore. LED has overtaken its neon counterpart in just about every way.

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