Back-lit sign for Quick Quack Car Wash sitting in the National Signs shop in Houston, Texas.

Is it Time for a New Convenience Store Sign?

If you want your convenience store to stand out from the competition, you need great signs to grab the attention of people passing by. But is your outdoor sign helping bring in customers or hurting your brand? 

Learn when you should consider upgrading or replacing your convenience store sign, and how newer signage can boost business. Also, discover the different sign options available from National Signs, a leading provider of stunning outdoor signage. 

Does Your Convenience Store Sign Have These Issues? 

When you’re running a convenience store, you might be too busy managing inventory and work schedules to notice what your customers are seeing, which are older and outdated outdoor signs. But, your customers are paying attention to the quality of your signage.

Your exterior signage drives in the majority of your potential customers. If your storefront signs have any of the issues below, it’s probably time to consider replacing or upgrading your existing signs.

Faded or Cracked Panels 

Outdoor signs often reflect the quality of the business inside. If your exterior signs are faded or have cracked acrylic panels, potential customers might assume your business is unattractive on the inside.

Your convenience store deserves bright, vivid signage that welcomes customers and creates a positive first impression. If your signs are faded, become dingy from debris and dirt, or have cracks and gaps in acrylic panels, then your business would benefit from new convenience store signage. 

Broken or Malfunctioning Technology 

Your convenience store might use bold LED signs to attract customers, but if the sign lights malfunction or have broken bulbs, it doesn’t reflect well on your convenience store. Drivers are more likely to pass up your convenience store if they see that gas price signs are not functioning or sign lights aren’t working.

Your store needs to be able to quickly appeal to any people or drivers in the area. Offering fully functional, eye-catching signage is a great start. If your LED displays or channel letter lights are malfunctioning or broken, you’ll benefit from new signs to welcome customers to your convenience store.

Outdated Logo or Brand Style 

It may be time to replace or upgrade your convenience store sign if your business has recently updated its logo, font, or overall style. If your business gets remodeled on the inside, then it needs signage that matches its new look.

 It may be confusing for customers if you have mismatched color schemes or outdated logos. A new outdoor sign helps create a cohesive look for your business and offers a professional and polished appearance.

The Benefits of Newer Signage 

When you take the leap and decide to update or replace your convenience store signs, it can make an immediate difference in your business.

Improved Sign Visibility 

One of the most significant issues facing convenience store owners is trying to make their business stand out from their competitors. A new and improved outdoor sign helps accomplish this goal by providing a bold and eye-catching sign that is much easier to see than older signs. 

Your current outdoor sign might be too faded to see clearly, or have lights that malfunction, making it harder to spot at night. When you offer a bright and attractive sign that is strategically placed on your property, it can capture attention like never before. 

Expand Promotional Abilities 

Convenience stores typically sell more than just gas or snacks. You likely offer a wide range of services and products, but your current signs might not be able to promote these well to your customers.

A new outdoor sign, especially a LED display, gives your convenience store the ability to spotlight items such as:

  • Current gas prices
  • Coffee and beverage specials
  • Hot food and snacks
  • Lottery updates
  • Limited-time offers
  • Car wash services

 With bright and engaging signs, you can instantly appeal to people and drivers passing by, and capture their attention with vivid pictures and promotional information. Great-looking outdoor signs will make your convenience store a can’t-miss location. 

More Customer Traffic 

A new sign is incredibly effective in driving in more customers since it can create a positive first impression on new customers, or renew interest in former customers. Bright and bold signs capture attention, and give people a sense of excitement and curiosity, especially if they remember your old faded or broken signage.

 As your customer base grows, you’ll experience a bump in revenue as more people stop by to shop in your convenience store or to fill their gas tanks. New signs are an investment back into your business that ultimately pays off in the long term. 

National Signs Offers Sign Solutions 

With over 30 years of experience providing eye-catching and effective outdoor and indoor signs, National Signs understands each business’ unique needs and offers signs that impress and engage shoppers.

We are a one-stop shop for all your convenience store sign needs, with an award-winning sign design team, expert sign manufacturers, and professional sign installers and service team all under one roof.

 Our team is able to fabricate a vast range of exterior signs for your convenience store, including:

  • Channel letter signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Post and panel signage
  • LED displays

In addition, we’re able to provide custom signage that perfectly reflects your business brand and displays it in the best possible way. We offer an endless array of sign colors, sizes, shapes, materials, and textures so you have signs that meet your specific design needs.

 To learn more about our convenience store sign options, view our gallery. Or, contact us directly to discuss your signage needs.