Wayfinding signage for Memorial Hermann Hospital created by National Signs.

How Wayfinding Signage Companies Support Designers and Architects

Wayfinding signs are some of the most important kinds of signs used in public and commercial properties. They guide visitors through buildings, offices, and venues, plus they can be an integral part of the overall building design and architecture.

Discover why wayfinding signs benefit your building aesthetic and function, and how wayfinding signage companies like National Signs help designers and architects create appealing spaces.

The Importance of Wayfinding Solutions 

Good wayfinding signs solve a simple problem – helping people find what they need on a property with minimal effort. If visitors are looking for an elevator, restroom, wheelchair access, a specific office or department, or the information desk, the wayfinding system needs to get them there.

Because these signs are meant to provide helpful information, they should be installed in prominent locations and be engaging to catch people’s attention. Taking the next step is making these signs really pop out as a natural extension of the building design.

Wayfinding signage companies do more than manufacture the signs needed at a particular property. Our signage systems enhance the overall aesthetic and function of your building for a more positive experience for your visitors.

Wayfinding signage systems provide three distinct benefits to building architects and property designers.

1. Effortlessly Guide People Through Buildings 

Wayfinding signage can work in conjunction with the building architecture to guide visitors seamlessly and organically through the building or property. This feature benefits building architects and designers trying to prevent significant bottlenecks of crowds and create safe, positive visitor experiences. 

For example, architects working on large buildings like stadiums, performance venues, or school campuses need to ensure that large crowds can walk the corridors with ease and safely exit in an emergency. Wayfinding signs promote smooth crowd flow and help people navigate their way quickly through hallways and concourses through visual cues and concise signage.

Without clear and effective wayfinding systems, visitors will likely get lost and end up with a negative experience. You can create a positive experience by incorporating signage into the building design.

2. Integrate Company Style into Signage 

Do you need unique signage that works with specific building décor and designer plans? Custom wayfinding signs are the ideal solution. With a cohesive signage system, your designers can incorporate company branding, patterns, and color schemes in each individual sign for a unified look.

Custom signs help the property stand out from standard signage by including specific colors from the business brand logo or specific company fonts across all signs. It makes brand building easier for designers because it offers a simple way to continue promoting the company through signs installed throughout the property.

3. Offers Unique and Creative Signage Opportunities 

If architects and building designers need new ways to provide bold and creative looks for their clients, then wayfinding signage solutions can help. Companies can craft breathtaking signage that showcases vivid colors, eye-catching graphics, and unique artistry through such signage options including:

Designers can be more inventive in how they present needed wayfinding information to visitors. For example, you can use digital screens to display a rotation of building information, create more free space in entrances and building lobbies by removing welcome desks, and use interactive digital kiosks for visitor check-ins.

Wayfinding signage companies offer designers and architects a wide range of creative and cost-effective sign options to use inside and outside buildings while not compromising function or practicality.

Enhance Spaces with Wayfinding Signage Solutions 

At National Signs, we understand the importance of great signage, and we know what a difference effective wayfinding signs can have on physical spaces. Our wayfinding sign solutions are intuitive, helpful, and effective for branding purposes.

 Our award-winning sign design team has extensive experience developing eye-catching wayfinding systems across various industries and building sizes – from private office buildings to sprawling school campuses and sports stadiums.

We gladly partner with building designers and architects to design, manufacture, and install engaging and dynamic signs for your clients.

 Learn more about how wayfinding signage companies like National Signs can provide engaging and effective wayfinding sign systems to support your design projects. Contact us directly to schedule a consultation, and view our gallery to see examples of our wayfinding sign solutions.