Architectural accents that are sure to impress.

We Build Architectural Accents for Your Business

In today’s competitive market, businesses are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition and make a mark in their area.  Architectural accents are a bold and eye-catching way to create a positive first impression and transform the look of a typical commercial building.

Learn about how architectural accents can make a difference on business property and the exciting accent options National Signs now offers.

What Are Architectural Accents?

Architectural accents are decorative, non-functional design elements added to the exterior or interior areas of a standard building façade.  These can be installed as flat or perforated metal panels and do not have any branding on them.

Sometimes referred to as building skins, architectural accents have grown in popularity as companies look to make their business pop and draw attention in a lasting way.

Why Your Building Needs Accents

With a traditional commercial building, customers and visitors often see just plain brick, concrete, or bland exterior walls, which don’t do much to enhance the aesthetic of a business.  Architectural accents work by adding an attention-grabbing element that enhances the beauty and atmosphere of the property.

Architectural accents can offer a sleek, sophisticated look for companies to draw attention to their business without completely renovating the whole building.  With various height, width, and style options available, businesses can have a buzz-worthy focal point for customers and visitors to enjoy while on the property.

In certain areas, having architectural accents can transform a regular building into an area landmark, drawing in influencers and other creatives who will trek to a location to capture the building accents in an artistic and positive way.

Rather than spending money on expensive artwork or time-consuming landscape gardens, companies can have an appealing property element that doesn’t lose value over time or need to be maintained regularly.  Architectural accents add value without adding extra maintenance or long-term expenses to a company’s bottom line.

What Businesses Might Choose Architectural Accents?

Accents can be added to any business property but are often used in businesses that strive to always make a good first impression with customers or guests.  Businesses that might benefit from architectural accents include:

How National Signs Can Help

National Signs, the leading provider of professional signage solutions in the region, now offers architectural accents as part of our extensive product portfolio.  Our design and fabrication experts specialize in creating bold and exciting building accents that can be added to the inside or outside of commercial buildings for an artistic and eye-catching effect.

Our architectural accents are constructed from metal panels and are designed to withstand inclement weather and heat over time.  In addition, they’re installed in a safe and secure way that enhances the look of the commercial property without compromising building stability or safety.

Coupled with our durable and dynamic signage options, companies can have a property that captures attention and welcomes customers to their property in clear and bold ways.  Contact National Signs today for more information about our architectural accent options.