How to Create Beautiful Signage for Your Church

How to Create Beautiful Signage for Your Church

Proper signage is a crucial aspect of managing a church. Church signs encourage visitors, demonstrate the atmosphere of your location, offer direction, and provide information.

While exterior signs often receive more attention because of their size and bold appearance, interior signs are just as, if not more, significant. However, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of high-quality interior signs.

Looking at your interior signage with fresh eyes can help you evaluate whether it’s time to update existing signs or go bigger with new, beautiful signage. Take a look at our tips to help you determine when it’s time for a change.

Create Beautiful Signage By Evaluating Your Current Signage

If you’re unsure whether your current indoor signage is adequate, ask some important questions. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your signs will help you know exactly how to create amazing new signage for the interior of your church.

1. Are You Providing Proper Guidance?

When considering how effective signage is and if it needs updating, one of the best questions to ask is whether the signs offer proper guidance. Start with your exterior signs to make sure there is a natural flow from outside to inside.

– Exterior signs should welcome churchgoers, provide valuable information about service times and events, and offer an idea of the church’s feel and environment.

– Interior signs should offer additional information about your church, support wayfinding, and highlight specific areas such as the children’s location, worship center, and prayer rooms.

If you notice that people often become lost or ask for directions to specific areas in the church, your signs might not offer the best guidance. This is generally a good indicator that it’s time to upgrade your signage to help visitors.

2. Do Your Signs Offer Clarity … or Are They Worn Out?

A sign’s appearance and condition can make a strong impression on newcomers and regular attendees alike.

If you frequently walk past the same signs in your church building, you might not notice how worn they have become. But, even though interior signs are shielded from the sun and weather, they can lose their luster after several years.

Take a fresh look at your current signage to make sure they are still effective and communicating the right message about your church.

Signs that have obvious wear and tear can also become difficult to read. As you consider updating your church’s interior sign design, think about how each sign looks. If they seem worn, it may be time to introduce new signage to update the look and feel of your space.

3. Does Your Signage Reflect the Latest Information?

As your church grows, the information on your signage might need to change. Consider a few examples:

For example, perhaps a room that was previously used for one purpose was recently repurposed as a nursing room for moms. Instead of placing a paper sign on the door or wall, introduce new signage to make sure moms know exactly where to go!

Here are a few other examples:

  • Different groups meet in the church throughout the week, and they need to know where to find the meeting location.
  • Your service hours have changed.
  • You added on to your church, and your current interior signs do not offer directions to the new or newly renovated areas.

Updating your signs can help you provide accurate information to visitors and regular churchgoers. You’ll make it easy for people to quickly gather the information they need, create schedules, and find their way around your campus.

4. Do Your Signs Reflect Your Church Brand?

Although a church is an organization, it often relies on many of the same principles as a business, including branding. Incorporating branding into your signs can mean adding the church’s logo or using the same fonts or colors displayed on the church’s website.

Updating interior signage to incorporate church branding can create a more cohesive impression. Uniform branding can also make the signs more memorable, helping to attract new churchgoers and creating a feeling of unity.

5. Do Your Signs Feel Modern and Updated?

Some interior signage is classic and timeless. There’s nothing quite like a classic metal sign with your church logo and mission statement that churchgoers encounter when they walk into your building. It creates a feeling of comfort and warmth every time.

But, other signage in your building may seem outdated – and not so classic. That’s why it’s important to evaluate whether to keep some elements that work exactly as you intend while also considering adding other features.

Looking at various examples of sign designs can give you fresh ideas, and thinking about how the signs can be incorporated into your décor and the style of the building can give you a starting template.

Updating interior signs is the perfect time to make sure everything in your building reflects the current state of your church, your mission, and the atmosphere you want to create for all visitors.

Find Support Creating Beautiful Signage for Your Church

Considering new sign designs can seem challenging at first, which is why we recommend starting with some questions to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s time to update. Then, your answers to the questions we highlighted will give you a roadmap for how to create beautiful signage that fits your church.

If you are a church representative and feel it might be time to invest in new interior signage, contact National Signs for expert support. Based in Houston, Texas, we offer sign services to churches across the country. We provide end-to-end sign solutions, which include designing, fabricating, installing, and servicing signs.

We’re also a member of the Church CO+OP, which means that we’re an approved vendor to provide signage for churches. We’re happy to discuss your current signage, and our experts can work with you to evaluate and craft a plan to elevate the look of your interior signs.

You can give us a call at 713-940-6164 or complete our website contact form to find support from our helpful team. We look forward to supporting your church!