This is one of the many church logo signs National Signs has made for Texas churches

4 Most Creative Church Logo Signs We’ve Made

People will search for a church or house of worship to find encouragement and uplifting messages, but what helps them find their way there is good signage that clearly displays the church name and logo. At National Signs, we’ve had the privilege of designing and installing hundreds of creative church logo signs that welcome visitors and make positive first impressions.

Learn about four types of high-quality, eye-catching signs we’ve made for churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship.

LED Signs

When your church needs to effectively communicate with visitors, members, and the surrounding community, LED signs are an effective way to accomplish these goals. LED church signs provide a bright and attractive way to display essential information, with limitless options for colors, graphics, and styles.

Take a look at this sign we created for the St. Thomas Presbyterian Church in Houston, TX.

LED Church Sign

LED signs can be used to display:

  • Church names
  • Church logos
  • Service times
  • Special guests
  • Upcoming events
  • Future sermon topics
  • Uplifting messages
  • Support for the local community

With LED signs, your church can easily and quickly add or change messages as needed to ensure they are always displaying accurate information. Although LED signs cost slightly more than traditional signage, they offer the ability to always display messaging in bold and captivating ways.

Channel Letters and Wall Signs

If your church wants a beautiful and impactful way to display its name and church logo, mounted building signs are an ideal solution for capturing attention. These signs can be installed near the front or street-facing side of the church building to maximize visibility in high-traffic areas during day or night. These channel letters we installed for Houston’s First Baptist Church are a great example.

Church Channel Letters

Examples of effective building signs include:

  • Channel letters
  • Wall signs
  • Metal flags
  • Logo signs
  • Halo or face lit signs

Mounted building signs can be created from a wide variety of durable and attractive materials, including stainless steel, brushed metal, aluminum, and acrylic. To enhance their curb appeal and visibility, they can also be backlit with halo lights or have spotlights shining on them from above or below for a more dramatic and eye-catching effect.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are an excellent choice if your church wants to display your church name and church logo in a sophisticated and traditional way. These signs are typically installed at street level near entrances and are constructed from sturdy, lasting materials such as stone, brick, stainless steel, or concrete.

With monument signs, your church’s name and logo can be prominently displayed for optimal curb appeal and visibility. With a classic and timeless look, monument signs offer clear and effective messaging that establishes your church’s place in the community and helps build awareness. Here’s a simple, but elevated monument sign we designed and installed for New Faith Church in Houston.

Church Monument Signs

For places of worship subject to tight zoning restrictions, monument signs can help your church effectively communicate and share messaging in a way that complies with local zoning rules. The sleek and professional look of a well-made monument sign adds value to the neighboring community and can make your church property a welcome addition to the area.

Illuminated Crosses and Symbols

In order for your church to stand out and be a beacon of hope and encouragement to the community, consider adding illuminated crosses or other symbols to your property. We can create and install tall, breathtaking crosses or large-scale church logos on your property to inspire and captivate those who drive near your place of worship. This illuminated cross we installed at the Houston North West Baptist Church shines bright at night and continues to draw attention during the day.

Illuminated Cross

The artistic and creative designs of a well-constructed cross or other religious symbol can make your church a community landmark and help cement its value within the area.

Get Bold Signs for Your Church Property

For innovative and captivating church name and church logo signs, reach out to National Signs today. Our team can help create bold and stunning signage manufactured with the highest quality materials and installed with the utmost professionalism and safety.

Visit our online gallery of creative church logo signs for churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship to find your inspiration today.