Memorial Hermann building sign by National Signs.

How Much Does a Building Sign Cost?

When you’re in the market for a new business sign, don’t be surprised to see prices ranging from thousands of dollars for a basic outdoor sign to tens of thousands for a large-scale sign mounted high off the ground.

We want to make sure you select a sign that fits your budget and creates fantastic results promoting your business. So, let’s dive into the reasons for the wide variance in building sign costs.

4 Factors that Affect the Building Sign Cost

Learn more about four factors that may impact the overall final price of your business sign, the different sign options available, and why National Signs is the best choice for providing eye-catching, long-lasting sign solutions.

1. Type of Sign

All business signs have a specific purpose, whether displaying your business name and logo on the building, offering a rotation of messages and valuable information to visitors, or helping people navigate your property. The most common types of business signs include:

Each type of business sign is made to serve the needs of your property, so their function impacts the average cost you can expect to pay.

For instance, a storefront sign is usually made from durable aluminum, acrylic panels, and internal lights, but post and panel wayfinding signs are typically constructed from metal posts and painted panels.

2. Sign Complexity

Signs costs can also vary depending on the complexity of the design needed for your outdoor signage. A punched metal signboard displaying your company name and logo outside your building entrance will cost significantly less than a complex LED screen mounted on top of a tall roadside pylon sign.

Your costs will increase if you need lighted signs for your storefront signage or large-scale letters or symbols for an eye-catching artistic display. Neon signs can be designed and manufactured to display a company slogan or motto in a trendy style to attract positive social media interactions.

Complex sign design options or unique textured looks help your business sign stand out from the competition and may even become a landmark that people search out and celebrate.

For example, your school campus or business might create an artistic display of a logo or name or use shadows and light to create a unique and provocative presentation. We can help you get the most bang for your buck making an impression!

3. Size of Sign

Depending on the size of the business sign you need for your property, your business sign costs could increase dramatically.

A standard storefront sign for your business using channel letters could range from one to two feet per letter depending on the landlord or zoning restrictions on the property. But a large pylon outdoor sign several feet wide could stand 20 to 30 feet in the air for maximum visibility in busy areas.

Taller, more prominent signs require more materials for the actual sign itself, as well as for supporting posts or poles, concrete bases, and any lighting features and electrical components. If your sign has any unique, largescale textures or finishes for added visual appeal, this may increase the cost.

Large business signs also need a more professional installation process to ensure the building or supporting posts can handle the weight of a heavier, more expansive sign. Simply put, the bigger the signage, the more you should expect to pay for your business signage.

4. Lights and Technology

For your business sign to attract the widest audience possible, consider utilizing the latest in electronic sign technology, including light features and LED displays. By using lighted signs, your business sign can be seen farther away during the day or nighttime hours – and even in poor weather conditions.

Using LED displays for your business signage allows you to provide a constant rotation of information, such as:

  • News and updates
  • Current sales or promotions
  • Upcoming events
  • Important messages
  • Helpful information (time and temperature)

LED screens offer bold, visually captivating graphics and colors for a stunning effect at any time of day, with the ability to instantly update your messaging. Transitioning from bare metal or acrylic business signs to lighted or LED signs can be a significant financial investment. But this decision will make your property stand out like never before in exciting ways.

National Signs Offers Bold Signage at Competitive Rates

For your local sign needs, consider National Signs and our wide range of stunning, durable, and long-lasting indoor and outdoor signage.

Unlike other sign companies, we deliver an end-to-end solution for the entire sign creation process, helping reduce the cost of your investment:

Our sign design team can work with you to provide signage solutions that meet your unique needs while staying within your budget for the building sign cost.

To start your journey towards bold, bright, and effective signage, contact National Signs today or request a quote for your business sign needs.