Learn more about how you can use electronic signs for your business.

7 Ways to Use Electronic Signs for Business

One of the many perks of LED signs is the ability to change your message any time you want. With just a few clicks, you can shower your clients with information through text, images, or video. However, when using electronic signs for business, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best uses for your outdoor or indoor electronic signs. It’s time to get your money’s worth!

1. Highlight Positive Reviews

Has your company pulled in a great professional review? How about a customer gushing about you on social media? Turn that praise into free advertising in minutes by adding a quote slate to your electronic signs!

When quoting someone from a social media platform, don’t forget to be polite! Ask if you can use their name, and maybe offer to just use their first name and last initial if they’d be more comfortable.

2. Showcase Your Awards

While we’re on the subject of praise for your business, think about including any recent awards on your signs. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase high-quality photography since many of these award trophies are so photogenic.

You’ll want to make sure to keep this one current within two years to avoid looking dated, but don’t underestimate your customers. Most people understand that showing off a 2020 award in 2021 is completely justified since the new awards probably haven’t been given out.

3. Promote Your Latest Sales Event

This may sound obvious, but many businesses have multiple sales going on at once. With electronic signs, you don’t have to stick to advertising the promotional event that’s big enough to justify a TV ad. All sales are equal when they can all be advertised for free!

If you’ve got indoor electronic signs (especially in a retail environment), this is an excellent opportunity to localize your messages. Make sure your customers know that something is available at a discount in the section they’re in.

4. Engage with Social Media

If your company is active on social media (and it should be), your electronic signs provide a fantastic opportunity to get the word out about your profiles, handles, and hashtags. You don’t have to be online to pull in followers.

Remember: hashtags and other social media handles can be more challenging to read than other text. You may want to give your social media graphics more than one slide to make sure everything is legible.

5. Employee Recognition

A plaque on the wall in the breakroom is all well and good, but how about taking it a step further? Customers will love knowing that an exemplary employee is helping them, and the positive attention will do wonders for team morale.

Don’t forget to include a flattering picture of the employee. No one wants to win an award, only to cringe every time their lousy headshot is on display!

6. Unique Wayfinding Opportunities

Indoor electronic signs are perfect for directing your customers around the store. For example, instead of just telling them that there is a sale in the automotive department, show them how to get there.

You don’t need to go overboard with turn-by-turn directions. Usually, a simple arrow is enough to get people moving in the right direction.

7. Raise Awareness

Does your company like to give back? Highlight the charities you support and the organizations that you think are worthy of your volunteer hours.

These graphics don’t always have to be a part of your rotation, but including them from time to time is a good way of reminding your customers and employees that a company is made up of people who care.

Let Your Creativity Go Wild

You don’t have to stick to the standard logo, business hours, and clock that you see on everyone else’s signs. Tap into your inner creativity (or give your marketing team a call) and make the most of utilizing electronic signs for business.

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