Outdoor sign for St. Thomas Presbyterian Church.

Grow Attendance with Church Signage Exterior Placement

Your church may have a welcoming congregation, beautiful building, and well-manicured landscaping, but your outdoor church sign is the very first thing people will notice when passing by your place of worship.

Your sign’s appearance, location, and messaging are vital ways to welcome people and encourage a future visit. One overlooked aspect is church signage exterior placement.

 Learn how exterior church signage can be an integral part of your congregation’s outreach and connection to the community for growing your attendance. Also, discover why so many churches, temples, and other places of worship trust National Signs for their church signage needs. After all, we are an approved vendor with the Church CO+OP!

Why Is Church Signage Important? 

Simply put, a beautiful exterior church sign can be your greatest outreach tool for growing your church body. It has the ability to connect with people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and establishes your place in the community.

The sign outside your church building serves as an introduction point for people to immediately learn more about your church and congregation. A church sign is able to provide several pieces of information to people curious about your place of worship, such as: 

  • Church name
  • Denomination or religious affiliation
  • Name of the pastor, priest, rabbi, or minister
  • Service days and times
  • Phone number and website

By providing some of these important details on your sign, people will identify connection points or find the details they need to research your church more online, which may lead to an in-person visit. 

The Best Exterior Signs for Your Church 

In order to have the most significant impact in increasing church attendance, your church property needs exterior signage that is eye-catching, durable, and welcoming to anyone passing by. Several types of outdoor church signs can help accomplish these goals. 

Monument Signs

Monument signs offer a traditional church sign appearance and are often constructed from masonry, stone, or brick for a timeless look and structure. They may be manufactured with the name and information affixed to the front of the sign, or they may have LED screens or changeable letter displays for updated messages.

Monument signs are popular for church properties because they offer a classic look and style, with minimal maintenance and lasting durability from harsh weather conditions. Church leaders can have peace of mind that their congregation will get many years of curb appeal and functionality from their monument sign. 

Post and Panel Signs

Similar to a monument sign, post and panel signage displays your church name along with other key details about your church. The primary differences are that post and panel signs are typically taller than monument signs and are constructed from a broader range of materials. 

Post and panel signage is a great choice if your church needs a taller sign for better visibility. It is especially helpful if many other nearby buildings and businesses are competing for attention. 

LED Church Signs

A LED church sign offers a digital screen for displaying important church information. It allows your congregation to present a rotation of dazzling images, eye-catching graphics, and instant updates to share with the surrounding community.

These signs are growing in popularity because they give churches the flexibility and opportunity to share inspirational photos or words of encouragement with people passing by their property. People may be more compelled to visit because of an encouraging message or an upcoming family event that catches their attention.

LED screens can be mounted on top of pylon signs for long-distance visibility or incorporated into a monument sign at ground level for street viewing.

Messaging That Encourages Church Attendance 

To turn a passerby into a future church visitor, we recommend using messaging on your signage to draw in the community. LED screens enable you to display a wide range of attention-grabbing messages for your church, including:

  • Welcoming new visitors
  • Announcing upcoming events
  • Displaying current sermon topics
  • Promoting community outreach efforts
  • Offering encouraging or inspirational words

Through the power of custom messaging for your outdoor signs, your church will be able to encourage more visitors and expand your current attendance.

Church Signage Exterior Placement: Location Is Key 

Attractive, well-made church signage is an integral part of your property, but the location of your sign is just as crucial. Your signs must be bold, bright, and visible from a distance to make it easier for people to find your church building.

 Monument and post and panel signage can be installed at street level by your property entrance to attract passing cars. For churches that need to compete with taller buildings or grab attention near busy highways, a tall pylon sign enhances sign visibility.

Regardless of where church signage is located on your property, good exterior lighting around your sign complements its overall look and visual appeal. Whether you have monument signs, pylon signs, or post and panel signage, lights shine a spotlight on them to ensure your sign is seen at any time of day or in inclement weather conditions. 

Increase Attendance with Church Signage from National Signs 

If your church wants to share encouraging messages of hope or caring fellowship with others, your signs need to make it easier for people to find your place of worship. Taking a strategic approach to church signage exterior placement will let the surrounding community know who you are, what you believe, and that visitors are welcome. We can help! 

National Signs is a leading provider of beautiful, informative, and durable exterior church signs that help increase church attendance and attract new visitors. 

We offer a wide range of sign solutions, ranging from traditional monument signs to state-of-the-art LED technology for dynamic displays and messaging. Our innovative sign designers, expert sign manufacturers, and professional installation teams can create effective signs that inspire and encourage people to attend.

View our gallery for examples of our church sign solutions and display options.

– If you’re ready to discuss new signage for your campus location, contact us for more information about our services. As a member of the Church CO+OP, we are ready to support your church’s needs!