Digital sign for Houston Can Academies reading “WRITE OFF THE CAR NOT THE KID.”

Fast Access to LED Sign Repair Near You

Programmable LED signs are a popular, effective business signage style. They’re versatile, eye-catching, and cost-effective. LED signage can promote a brand and improve the overall customer experience through clear, effective advertising and traffic control.

But LED signs are only effective if they are functioning correctly! For businesses to get the maximum return on their signage investment, it’s essential to properly maintain signs and their components to keep them in good working order.

National Signs not only fabricates and installs high-quality LED signs, but we also handle ongoing and emergency LED sign repair. Learn more about our first-class maintenance capabilities for various digital display signs.

What Kind of LED Sign Repair Might be Needed?

LED signs are an excellent signage solution for a wide range of businesses. LED signs from National Signs are expertly crafted from highly durable materials to reduce the frequency of ongoing repairs and maintenance that may be needed across the entire life of a sign.

However, situations may arise that result in touch-ups and large-scale sign repairs. Here are three common reasons why it may be necessary to schedule an LED sign repair.

1. Weather Damage

Exterior LED signs are often subjected to harsh weather conditions, particularly in coastal areas. High-force winds and heavy storms can cause extensive damage to a sign’s facade, as well as its electrical components.

2. Light Damage

The electrical components of an LED sign can experience a number of different malfunctions over time. LED bulbs, like any other kind of lightbulb, periodically burn out and require replacement.

However, switching the bulbs is more complex than a business owner or maintenance staff member changing the bulbs themselves. Bringing in our expert team is a good idea when it’s time to replace with new bulbs.

3. Electrical Problems

To stay in good working order, not only do all LED lightbulbs need to be fully functional, but power supplies and other electrical components need to be working properly at all times.

If an LED sign is malfunctioning or the message on an LED display appears incorrectly, it’s crucial to have a professional diagnose and correct the issue.

Electrical repair projects can be complicated and pose many safety hazards, so individuals without electrical experience should never attempt to fix an electrical problem on their own. Let the National Signs experts help you out.

Do LED Signs Require Additional Maintenance?

As with all signage styles, it’s important to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your LED sign retains its professional appearance at all times. Signs that are not properly tended to throughout the year may not function properly or contribute to negative impressions of a brand.

Exterior signs, in particular, may be located in hard-to-reach areas or might be mounted at great heights, making it difficult for in-house employees to access them for regular cleaning.

If a professional is not brought in for these periodic clean-ups, dust, and debris may continue to accumulate on the face of a sign. Not only is this build-up unsightly, but it may result in the sign losing functionality over time.

Schedule LED Sign Repair from National Signs

It’s easy to request repairs and maintenance from National Signs. We are always happy to recommend the most appropriate maintenance schedule for any signage product.

By offering our clients a single point of direct contact for their repair needs, we make it fast and convenient for your team to request maintenance without getting caught up in a long game of phone tag.

Not only can National Signs address both minor and major sign repairs, but we can also help clients overhaul and update outdated signage through our design and fabrication services. We also offer a 5-year guarantee on all our parts, labor, and signage, so you can breathe easy knowing your signage is in the best possible hands. 

Whether you’re currently experiencing an issue with your signage or just looking to get out in front of any future maintenance requirements, we would love to speak with you about your signage needs.

Reach out today to schedule LED sign repair and maintenance services. We are ready to mobilize a service team to your location!