National Signs installs Daktronics signs in Texas and Louisiana

Daktronics Special Financing Promotions: Upgrade Your LED Signage

National Signs is proud to partner with industry-leader Daktronics to support businesses, organizations, and venues in Texas and Louisiana that have been affected by COVID-19 and weather events this year.

Daktronics, America’s most experienced digital display manufacturer, is currently offering two special financing programs to help you upgrade your LED signage. Through our partnership with Daktronics, we can help you bring your message to life through electronic displays.

The special financing opportunities include:

  • $3,000 LED Sign Upgrade Rebate Program
  • 90-Day Deferred Payment Plan

As a Texas-based company, National Signs has partnered with Daktronics to offer these special financing programs across the state of Texas. We are also extending the reach of this opportunity to our neighbors in South Louisiana to help you find hurricane relief as you rebuild.

LED Sign Upgrade Rebate Program for Daktronics Signs

Daktronics introduced a rebate program that will last through January 30, 2021. If you place an order to upgrade your LED signage before the end of January, you could be eligible for a rebate up to $3,000.

The rebate is calculated based on your sign display size. All you need to do is place an order to replace your existing LED sign through National Signs and we will work with you to ensure the maximum rebate available to you.

Why upgrade your sign?

  • Repair damaged sign from weather events.
  • Increase brightness to stand out in the market.
  • Improve your communication to your audience.
  • Create new interest in your business, organization, or venue.
  • Reduce the cost of owning an LED display through FLYER_PRGO Rebate Program-NSlogo energy efficiency.

– Find out more about the rebate program

90-Day Deferred Payment Plan to Upgrade Daktronics Signs

Daktronics has a second financing special that is going on right now. Their 90-day deferred payment plan is ideal for businesses, organizations, and venues that need to install or upgrade signage but currently have tight budgets because of the pandemic or weather events.

If you qualify for this special financing promotion, you will not have to make any payments on your signage upgrade until 2021. With historically-low interest rates, the availability of deferred payment options, and affordable monthly payment plans, there’s never been a better time to invest in digital signage.

  • Quick and easy application and approval processes.
  • Payments start 90 days after the sign is fully installed and operational.
  • Monthly payments allow the sign to “pay for itself.”
  • No down payment is required.

Through our partnership with Daktronics, we can help facilitate this opportunity for you. We’ll help you complete the application process so that we can get to work installing and setting up your Daktronics signage.

Find out more about the 90-day Deferred Payment Plan

We look forward to helping customers in Texas and Louisiana as you recover from the pandemic or rebuild after going through a hurricane. We are here to help during this difficult time. Contact National Signs today to discuss these amazing opportunities for your business!