LED digital video board ready to install after reviewing Daktronics video board prices

Concerned About Daktronics Video Board Prices? We Can Help!

Daktronics is America’s most experienced digital display manufacturer. Their commitment to the products they build — combined with manufacturing technology developed over decades of research — ensures that they have the industry’s most advanced video screen displays.
National Signs is proud to partner with Daktronics to help create dynamic LED video boards for businesses of all sizes. If you have concerns about Daktronics video board prices, we can help!

Is a Daktronics Video Board Worth the Price?

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your signage or installing a brand-new video board, you’ve probably considered a variety of factors. During these uncertain times, it can be especially daunting to think about purchasing new signage for your company. If you’re wondering, “is it worth it?” the answer is yes.

Not only will your new LED signage pop and make a statement, but it will be fully sealed from the elements and can be updated remotely using cloud-based software. If you’re looking for an outdoor video board for your company, think about how eye-catching the display will be to passersby. Taking charge of how you communicate to your current and potential customer base can support your advertising efforts and, in turn, help you increase profits.

The quality of Daktronics video boards and digital signs are unmatched. Not only are these displays built to last, but National Signs also provides unbeatable service and maintenance on all of our signs, with a single point of contact for your upgrades and fixes.

We understand that signage is a significant investment for your business; that’s why we offer a comprehensive 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty on all of our digital signage. We make it a priority to ensure your investment in a new Daktronics sign is worth it.

Can You Afford a New Daktronics Sign?

The other question you might be asking yourself is, “Can our business afford this?” Right now, there are two great opportunities to make a statement through Daktronics digital displays. The current Daktronics specials outlined below prove that now is a great time to invest in digital signage. Here are the details on two special financing promotions that we can offer your business:

90 Day Deferred Payment


  • Quick and easy application and approval process
  • NO down payment
  • Monthly payments start 90 days after the sign is fully installed and operational
  • During these 90 days, your sign pays for itself!

Upgrade and Get a Rebate

Upgrade your LED sign with a new Daktronics display and receive a rebate of up to $3,000. The size of your sign will determine your rebate amount, but we will work with your business to make sure you get as much as you are eligible for.

National Signs can help facilitate these promotional opportunities for you. We will help you complete the application process and get to work installing your Daktronics signage right away.
Both of these promotions are only valid through the end of January 2021, so act fast and be sure to take advantage of these great deals!

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We are excited about our partnership with Daktronics and look forward to helping you save money on your investment in brilliant, new LED digital signage.
To find out more about Daktronics video board prices and how we can help, reach out to us today! Request a quote now to get started.