An indoor bank sign we designed and installed for First Service Credit Union in Houston, Texas

Bank Signs that Make You Want to Open a New Account

Are bank signs still important? With so many people relying on internet-based banking services, you might assume they are not. In truth, they are more important than ever.

Yes, there are definitely people who will never drive through a bank lane or care where their local credit union branch is located. But there are others who absolutely do. They want personalized banking experiences with people they trust in their communities.

So how do banks and credit unions draw the attention of these potential customers? They grab attention with high-quality bank signs.

What Do Bank Signs Do?

Of course, signs add curb appeal and draw people in who are walking or driving by. They also help direct people into and around the bank, let them know if it is open or closed, and help maintain compliance (e.g., FDIC signs).

These signs are also marketing tools. LED bank signs can be used to inform people of special account offers, low-interest rates, or simply the fact that the bank is there for them to use when they need it.

Attract New Account Holders

An attractive sign creates a visual memory. That improves the chances of brand recall later when someone is interested in opening an account, taking out a loan, or learning about other services available to them.

Common Bank Signs

Here are some of the signs that can be seen in and around banks or credit unions. Each type helps to attract and inform customers:

Monument Pole and Storefront Signs

Monument signs are placed close to the roadway or parking lot entrance. These may be pylons, architectural, LED signs, or a combination. Pole signs are similar, only elevated for visibility from the road. Storefront signs are attached to the bank building.

These signs will show the bank’s name and may also show hours of operation. The bank will often display promotional or informative messages if an LED bank sign is incorporated.

Signs for Service Lanes

Service lane signs are used to:

  • Direct customers to the bank’s drive-up lanes
  • Indicate commercial vs. customer lanes
  • Mark lanes as open or closed

Additionally, signs on and around the drive-up lanes may show hours of operation, funds availability policies, or disclaimers.

ATM Signs

One of the biggest draws of a local bank is the availability of a convenient ATM. When people need cash, opening an account at a bank with a 24-hr ATM is very appealing. An ATM sign lets everybody know where yours is located.

Interior Signs

Interior signs are helpful to customers who prefer to do their banking inside. These signs may be used to direct clients to services, provide FDIC disclaimers, or indicate various departments.

Custom Bank Signs

Customized bank signs attract new customers and provide important information. These can be designed and fabricated to match your financial institution’s branding and color scheme. Bank signs are available in various types and formats, and they can be made to incorporate the latest technologies.

Attract New Customers with National Signs

National Signs is here to help you with custom signage for your bank. We’ll work with you to fabricate a sign that is attractive and sure to draw new customers. Take a look at our gallery to see some samples of our work.