Channel sign letters fabricated and installed by National Signs.

Are Channel Sign Letters Sturdy?

Your business needs eye-catching exterior signs that display your company name and promote your brand in appealing and engaging ways. However, you also need dependable signage that is made to last, can’t be easily moved, and won’t malfunction because of conditions outside.

Here’s a good idea. Consider a channel letter sign, which is a 3-D outdoor sign typically mounted on storefronts. It’s attractive, clearly visible, stable, and long-lasting.

Discover how sturdy channel sign letters can be, the different sign mounting options available, and why National Signs is a leading provider of custom channel letter signs in the country.

What Makes Channel Letters So Sturdy?

Channel signs are a popular choice for enhancing façades and shopping centers because these signs can easily be constructed to match your exact business brand style, colors, and fonts. They are also some of the sturdiest, most dependable sign options available because of how they’re assembled and the materials used in each sign.

Here are a few good reasons to consider this type of long-lasting sign.

1. Designed for Longevity

Signs are an essential marketing tool for your business, so you should have signs that will provide a long-term return on your investment.

Channel letter designs come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and mountings to ensure that your sign investment will look great and function properly for years to come, unlike vinyl signs or wooden signs that deteriorate and fade over time.

Channel letter signs are typically made from a combination of durable, low-maintenance aluminum and acrylic materials for a stable sign face and structure that will not rust or fade. You can have peace of mind that your channel signs will offer clear, bright visibility and curb appeal to everyone passing by your property.

2. Manufactured with Durability

Custom channel signs are also manufactured with durability in mind, so they can withstand wind, rain, extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and more. Channel letters consist of a return (side base) that is made from aluminum or other alloy metals, an acrylic face plate on the front, and a metal trim cap that binds the face plate to the return.

Their durable construction and strong materials make them a sturdy sign option, especially for businesses in regions that regularly experience severe weather conditions.

3. Professionally Installed for Stability

Professional sign installation and mounting services ensure that your signs are safely secured to your building storefront or wall. A securely mounted channel letter sign is less likely to wobble or fall off in the slightest wind or heavy rain. You need to know that your channel letters will still display your company name in any kind of weather condition or after several years of use.

Channel Sign Mounting Options

Channel letter signs give you a wide variety of design options, but there are also several choices for how your signs can be mounted onto your building. When supported by sign installation professionals, each one offers secure mounting and long-term sign stability. Here are some good examples!

Raceway mounted signs consist of channel letters installed onto a long narrow metal box running the length of the full name that contains the power supply and electrical wiring for each letter. The single box is then attached securely to the building, is usually painted to match the building, and will reduce the number of wall fasteners needed.

Backer mount signs are large backer panels or metal cabinets with channel letter signs attached. The electrical and wiring components are either behind the panel or stored inside. Backer panels can be constructed from materials and styles that match the rest of the channel letters for a more unified look.

Direct or flush mounting is when individual channel letters are directly attached to the building façade. This provides a cleaner look for the channel letter signs since all wiring and power sources are installed behind the building wall.

No matter which sign mounting you choose, you can have brightly lit signage that highlights your business in all weather conditions.

For Eye-Catching Signs, Choose LED Illumination

LED lights inside channel signs offer a bold and bright illumination for your business, allowing your signage to be easily read from different angles. These signs also provide all-day 24-7 projection to customers.

LED lights last much longer than neon illumination, and they are more energy-efficient, which lower utility costs. Your business can choose from three types of LED illuminated signs:

  • Face and reverse-lit channel letters
  • Halo-lit channel letters
  • Combination of front-lit and back-lit channel letters 

For a unique look, your business can choose open-face LED lights, where the bulbs inside each letter are visible for a more dramatic effect.

National Signs Offer Sturdy Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are a trusted marketing tool for nearly all storefronts, such as shopping centers, restaurants, schools, hotels, bars, service providers, and other businesses. They are trendy for business signage because of their eye-catching visual appearance, functionality, durability, and strength.

If your business needs attractive, durable channel sign letters, National Signs can help.

Our award-winning sign designers and manufacturers create custom channel letters that perfectly reflect your company’s style, font, colors, and personality. Our sign installation team ensures your signs are correctly mounted and stable for years to come.

For low-maintenance, high-quality channel sign letters, contact National Signs today to request a quote or discuss our services.