Creative interior signage for your business

3 Ways to Use Creative Interior Signage for Your Business

Your company probably has advertising all over the place. You might have billboards, web banners, social media ads, television commercials, or even flyers. Your logo is prominently displayed on your storefront where traffic can’t help but notice.

So why should your branding end at the front door?

By taking just a little bit of time with creative interior signage, you can elevate your workplace with decorative yet functional signs that will set your business apart.

1. Bring Your Brand Indoors

When customers walk into your business, there should be no question in their minds that they’re in the right place. Your logo should be on display on the lobby wall, on the front of the reception desk, or both. If you can go the extra mile for wall paint and flooring that compliment your logo’s colors, so much the better. Design consistency is strongly linked with professionalism.

For extra creative points, extend your signage throughout the building. Decorate a wall with your mission statement or color outside the lines a bit by wrapping your logo around a hallway corner. As long as you stick to your company’s brand guidelines, there’s no limit to the creative options you can try with your branding.

2. Get Your Message Out

LED screens are a great tool for customization and changing messages. You can display important announcements, sales goals for your employees, and give special shout-outs for birthdays and work anniversaries. Whether your screens are directed toward your customers, your staff, or both, you have endless opportunities for creativity.

Boost employee morale with pictures from the last company picnic, wow shoppers with video demonstrations of your products, or announce your latest sales event with style. You can also get creative with the placement of your screens. Video walls, for example, open up a whole new world of options for you to explore. Don’t let yourself be limited by what you’ve seen before.

3. A New Way to Move People

Signs that help guide your customers through your business (often called “wayfinding signs”) can offer a huge improvement to your guest experience. Whether you’re directing people to various departments in a store or making sure they can navigate the parking garage easily, wayfinding signs are a practical consideration that can also benefit from a little imagination.

While many wayfinding signs are presented as plaques on a wall, why not guide your guests with color-coded lines across the floor or even the ceiling? If that’s a bit too whimsical for your company’s character, take a look at some more conservative but interesting techniques for creative interior signage. Signs that make use of silhouette, negative space, and clever incorporation with their surroundings can help not only to guide your customers, but do it in style.

Bring Your Brand to Life

National Signs is ready to help you transform the interior of your business into a space your customers (and your employees!) will love. If you’d like some more inspiration for your own creative interior signage, take a look at our gallery.

We’re looking forward to hearing your creative ideas!