Indoor Daktronics digital signs featuring the National Signs logo and color scheme.

Why Digital Lobby Signage is Worth the Investment

You only get one chance to make a first impression! For most visitors, your lobby will be their first point of contact with your business. What will they think when they first walk in the door?

Buildings with effective digital lobby signage tend to stand out from the crowd and make a stronger impression on first-time and repeat visitors. Let’s take a look at some of the digital signage options business owners can consider incorporating into their space.

What is Digital Lobby Signage?

Businesses may utilize several different styles of interior signage in their lobbies and receptions. From wayfinding signs to restroom signs to directories, there is no shortage of potential uses for digital signage.

In the past, it wasn’t unusual for a business to display important information on a low-tech lobby TV or computer screen. While these solutions may have gotten the job done in the past, they do not offer the convenience of more contemporary digital signage options.

Thanks to recent advances in technology, business owners now have nearly limitless options for taking their lobby digital. A contemporary lobby display may include multiple screens that share several different kinds of information simultaneously.

Alternatively, a lobby may make use of one large-scale digital display, such as a video wall, to make a strong statement from the moment a customer or visitor crosses the threshold. There are many different uses!

What Are Digital Lobby Signs Used For?

Lobby signs can be used to share a wide variety of information with visitors. For example, large business complexes often feature multiple buildings or floors, which can pose navigation challenges for first-time visitors.

High-quality digital signage can help to clarify the locations of specific offices, classrooms, or other locations without requiring visitors to spend a lot of time physically searching the premises or struggling to read an outdated, low-quality sign.

Some businesses may choose to incorporate interactive digital displays in their lobbies. This type of eye-catching digital signage can serve as an interactive information kiosk to provide visitors with the up-to-date, real-time information they seek. Interactive displays may be of particular use in medical facilities, educational complexes, and transportation hubs like train or bus stations.

Digital signage can also be an effective marketing tool, particularly in retail locations. Digital displays can be used to play advertising content such as commercials or to share a brand’s social media newsfeeds with visitors in real life.

These screens can also be used to display information about ongoing promotions, such as free trials, or to deliver up-to-date information on current sales, discounts, and more. Alternatively, digital signage may be used on the backend of a business to deliver internal communications to employees and other staff members in an accessible, easy-to-read manner. 

Whether a business complex features a single lobby or multiple lobbies, signage must be consistently attractive and effective throughout a space in order to improve customer experience.

Using digital signage throughout a place of business can foster greater brand confidence and cut back on the potential for miscommunication and confusion among visitors.

Consider Digital Signage from National Signs

National Signs is a leading provider of digital signage solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. National Signs offers tailor-made digital signage displays for a wide range of industries and places of business, including: 

  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Places of worship
  • Shopping centers 
  • Stadiums and performance venues 
  • Restaurants
  • Museums and cultural institutions 

Digital signage is particularly versatile in that the messaging can be regularly updated to reflect the most current information possible for customers and visitors. When you work with National Signs, you get access to the highest-quality digital signage products on the market.

We are your one-stop shop for digital signage solutions thanks to our in-house design, fabrication, and installation teams. We also offer post-installation repair and maintenance services, so you can rest assured that your digital sign will remain functional and effective for years.

We specialize in everything from interactive LED displays to other forms of digital lobby signage. You are sure to find the right signage solution for your project when you work with our team.

We invite you to reach out today to schedule a design consultation. You can also request a quote on our effective signage solutions. We are ready to support your signage needs to advance the interior look and feel of your business!