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Where Can You Find the Best LED Sign Board Suppliers in Texas?

Every company wants a business sign that captures attention and draws in potential customers, but few are as effective and eye-catching as a programmable LED sign. With a wide variety of LED sign options and suppliers, it can be hard for companies to know which is the best LED sign board supplier in Texas for their specific business needs.

Learn the five things a good LED sign board supplier should do, the top programmable LED sign on the market, and which LED sign supplier is the best choice in Texas.

Good LED Sign Board Suppliers Achieve These Five Goals

Many types of sign suppliers offer basic LED signs, but the majority are interested in just selling a sign without learning anything about their business customers. A quality LED sign board supplier should take the time to understand your business goals, target audiences, and current and future display needs.

To get the best digital sign possible, your LED sign board supplier should have programmable LED signs that offer a wealth of user benefits and solve many of the branding, communication, and advertising struggles your company may face.

Good LED sign board suppliers can help your business achieve five important goals:

1. Promote Your Brand

One of the biggest challenges your business may face is how to identify your location and promote your business brand effectively. Standard signage might not be as noticeable in busy shopping areas or at night. Programmable LED signs offer versatility and visual appeal throughout the day and in various types of weather.

Promoting your brand is easier with a programmable LED sign because it can make your business location more visible while creating a positive first impression. The best LED sign board suppliers ensure that these signs effectively display your company name, brand, and other important details in a more impactful and lasting way than a basic sign, costly postcard mailer, or newspaper ad.

2. Improve Customer or Visitor Experience

When your business sign is easy to spot from a long distance away, during the evening hours, or in bad weather, it can improve the overall customer experience because it simplifies the hunt and search for your company location. This is particularly true if your business doesn’t have a bold or colorful logo or font because the bright illumination and full colors from a LED sign can attract people instead.

Quality LED sign board suppliers can help you get the programmable LED signage you need to welcome special guests or corporate events, with custom branding and messaging tailored to your visitors. The flexibility and adaptability of LED signs mean that you can always change and adjust your signage to meet specific business or customer needs, giving them an enhanced visitor experience.

3. Offer Strategic Advertising

Good LED sign board suppliers understand how effective LED signs can be in creating and displaying customized marketing and advertising messages that draw people in and boost brand awareness. For example, they can help you program a LED sign to announce special sales, promote upcoming events, or spotlight new products, reaching potential customers where they are for maximum impact.

In addition, a programmable LED sign can also display targeted advertising for specific groups, such as discounts for seniors, veterans, or families with young children. Customers are more likely to notice and respond to advertising content that grabs their attention, especially moving graphics and vivid imaging.

Because of their visibility and constantly changing graphics, a quality LED sign board can influence shopping decisions, boost your image, and promote your other marketing avenues, such as social media. Although people can skip a commercial or close a pop-up ad, it’s hard to avoid seeing a brightly-lit LED sign that strategically promotes your business and industry.

4. Direct and Guide

Companies can also use programmable LED signs to offer helpful information and guidance to visitors or people driving by, such as the current date, time, and temperature. While this information isn’t specifically helpful to your business, it gets people into the habit of looking at your sign, company name, and logo, all of which strengthens brand awareness.

In addition, you can program a LED sign to direct visitors on your property to specific locations, such as a college campus directing new students and families to specific buildings or a sports arena or performance venue directing visitors to designated parking locations.

Your LED sign board supplier should help you simplify navigation for visitors and help alleviate the need for your company to spend time or energy guiding visitors directly. Your company can instead focus on other strategic areas such as product development, efficiency, or customer service.

5. Strengthen Communities

Finally, the best LED sign board suppliers can help ensure your company is a shining beacon in Texas by using LED signage to encourage and support the local community. You can program LED signs to display messages of support to local sports teams, post new job openings, honor and recognize employees or special members of the surrounding community, or celebrate holidays or local events.

What Is the Best Programmable LED Sign?

There are many types of LED signs and manufacturers, but only LED signs from Daktronics can accomplish all of the goals above, providing a lasting signage solution for your business needs. Daktronics signs have earned widespread praise across the globe for their large-format LED video displays, sports scoreboards, highway billboards, message displays, and easy-to-use control systems.

Businesses and industries that have chosen Daktronics LED signs include:

  • Healthcare
  • School Campuses
  • Banks
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Energy Companies
  • Retail Centers
  • Performance Halls
  • Art Museums
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Places of Worship

Daktronics signs consist of thousands of brilliant full-color LED lights that offer realistic displays for a striking visual effect, with lasting durability and functionality. They offer a wide variety of color combinations, graphic elements, and style designs to choose from for endless display and branding possibilities.

An added benefit of their LED signs is that they are easy to install compared to other types of signage, and their simple user interface allows your company to easily program text, colors, graphics, and movement to create eye-catching advertisements. Changes and corrections can quickly be made, and their digital display adjusts automatically to changes in lighting or weather for optimal viewing.

Signs from Daktronics are environmentally friendly and manufactured to use the most energy-efficient technology available, reducing operating and utility costs. They have a much longer lifespan than basic LED signs, offer a more consistent appearance because of their quality fabrication, and require far less maintenance than traditional signs.

The Best LED Sign Board Supplier in Texas

At National Signs, we understand the impact good signage can make in promoting your company and offering captivating visual displays. Daktronics is the global leader in manufacturing stunning video display systems, and we proudly partner with them to provide dynamic and engaging LED signs to businesses of all industries.

When your business chooses Daktronics LED boards from National Signs, you also receive best-in-class customer service, top-quality maintenance, and a comprehensive 5-year warranty for parts and labor. We strive to ensure your total satisfaction with your signage investment and that your business has breathtaking and dependable LED displays for years to come.

As a Texas-based company, National Signs understand the unique signage needs of Texas companies, so we design, manufacture, and install all signs with the utmost professionalism and durability, with signs that are made to last all types of Texas weather conditions. Our signs are strong, beautiful, and effective, and we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of every sign we install.

Get Daktronics LED Sign Boards from National Signs

National Signs offers a full range of top-quality Daktronics LED sign boards to meet your company goals and help you reach a wider audience with maximum impact and visual appeal.

To learn more about programmable LED signs from Daktronics that can captivate audiences and draw customers to your business, reach out today to request a free consultation.