Lit channel letters for Bowen Mitchell and Britt manufactured by National Signs.

When Should You Invest in a Lighted Business Sign?

Replacing your current sign is a big decision for any business. We know it can be tricky to decide when to upgrade signage and what type of sign you should replace it with.

A lighted business sign is a popular choice for many great reasons. New exterior signs can jazz up an otherwise dull or dated storefront. They can also help to draw people’s eyes, attracting more customers while displaying the tone and concept of your company.

Learn more about the benefits of replacing your current signage with a bright new one!

Is It Time For a New Sign?

It can be difficult to tell whether it’s time for a new sign. There are a few factors to consider when thinking about whether to upgrade to a lighted sign:

  • An outdated storefront or sign appearance
  • The need for a new style or look to fit your business
  • Decreased business or a lack of new business
  • Damage to the existing sign
  • Signs of wear

Outdated Storefront

You may not think a sign can modernize your business, but a sign’s style and functionality can say a great deal about how up-to-date your company is. A sign that doesn’t feature a modern look, font, graphics, or functionality can make your business seem stuck in the past.

Comparatively, bright and sleek business signs with stylish designs can tell your customers that you’re keeping up with the times and you offer modern products or services that meet an existing need.

Decreased Business

An outdoor sign is designed to attract business. If you’ve noticed that you’re not seeing as many new customers, it might be time to consider whether your sign is doing its job.

Lighted signs are bright, clear, and easy to read. These modern signs offer a snapshot of your business, often giving new customers a feel for the company before they even step inside. Eye-catching signage is a great way to let people passing by know about your business and what it offers.

Damage or Wear

Over time, weather can age or even damage a sign. You might notice dull spots, chips, or even broken areas. Wear is inevitable, but it doesn’t present a good image for your business.

If your current signage is worn, it might be time to replace your sign with something that looks shiny and new and creates a beautiful look for your storefront.

New Lighted Sign Options

Are you ready to select a new storefront sign to attract customers and create an appealing, modern appearance for your business? You’ll have many types of signs to choose from. 

Illuminated signs are available in several styles, so you can choose something that suits the tone of your business, letting customers know where you are and what you offer in a clear, bold way. Common lighted sign types include:

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are often thought of as one of the simpler options for lighted signage, but they are highly effective and help draw the eye.

These signs feature large letters lit from behind or inside. Channel letters are often found on storefronts because they’re bright and easy to read, which helps attract business. They also offer a modern aesthetic that will elevate your company’s brand.

LED Signs

LED signs are any signs that utilize LED lights. LED lights can be used in channel letter signs, for example, but they can also be used at the front of the letters or sign to create beautiful, bright, but understated designs that pull in customers and give an idea of the feel of your business.

LED lights and signs are popular options because they are durable and eco-friendly. The bulbs last much longer than traditional lights, so they won’t need to be replaced as often, and their maintenance is relatively straightforward.

Video Message Board and Digital Display Signs

One of the most helpful features of a lighted sign is that some signs allow you to change and update the information displayed.

– Video message board signs, for example, can show snippets of video. This feature can help you tell people about upcoming events or inform customers about new items in an exciting and vibrant manner.

– Digital display signs typically do not use video, but they allow you to easily change the displayed information. You can change event times, post new sale dates, or highlight other offerings to your customers.

– These types of signs are also excellent when used for wayfinding purposes. Businesses can display general wayfinding information, but a digital display makes it a snap to add specific directions for special events.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are large outdoor signs used outside of storefronts across the country. These signs are specifically designed to draw in new customers, letting them know what your business offers and where you are located.

Because they’re so visible, pylon signs are also an excellent way to showcase information about community announcements or events.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are typically displayed outside of a business at the street level, allowing a business to make a clear impression on drivers and pedestrians.

The functionality of a monument sign allows businesses to place the sign closer to the road, making the information easier for passersby to see and read, especially at night time due to the use of lighting technology.

Time for a New Lighted Business Sign?

Adding custom signs to your interior and exterior can help you take your small business to the next level. A lighted business sign is a fantastic way to attract attention, showcase your brand and message, and present your business in the best way possible.

National Signs is an end-to-end sign company, so we can help you design, fabricate, install, and maintain your new outdoor lighted sign. We have helped countless businesses advance the quality of their exterior signage to grow their business.

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