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What is Unique About Architectural Signage Manufacturers

Anyone can have basic signs to promote their business or property. However, to grab people’s attention and create a dynamic first impression, architectural signage is the ideal way to draw people in. Interior and exterior architectural signage offer creative and captivating sign systems that can transform the look, brand, and professional image of your property.

Learn what makes architectural signage manufacturers unique from standard sign manufacturers and how your property can benefit from their bold, eye-catching signage solutions.

What Are Architectural Signs?

When your business needs to display its company name and logo in a prominent location or provide navigational signs within a building, architectural signs are the best way to accomplish these goals. Architectural signs are custom-made, permanent signage systems that are constructed and installed in specific locations to identify a business, promote a brand, or display directions and information to visitors.

Architectural signage can come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes for your specific business needs, with a 3-D element that makes them stand out from standard flat signs. Common examples include:

  • Fabricated Front-Lit or Halo-Lit Letters
  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Wall Signs and Logos
  • LED Signs

Unlike a simple banner or painted name display, these three-dimensional signs solve signage needs with permanence, professionalism, and dependability for your property. Basic signs, nylon banners, or wall-painted signage can be damaged or fade over time, while architectural signage is manufactured for lasting functionality and visual appeal over time and in harsh weather conditions.

Designed With Style and Purpose

Effective signage is engaging and informative and is designed with both style and purpose. Many standard sign makers will simply print a name and a logo, with colors and some graphics, but without any kind of three-dimensional detail or artistic designs to make the signs pop or promote the business in a unique way.

On the other hand, architectural signage manufacturers understand exactly how to utilize eye-catching designs and dramatic effects to promote your brand or create a stunning focal point for your property. As a result, your signage can be a perfect blend of artistic design elements, beautiful materials, sturdy construction, and strategic installation, all with a lasting impact.

When your exterior signage has a specific design and purpose, visitors are more likely to find and identify your business, creating a positive first impression. Well-made interior signage makes it easier for visitors and staff to find specific areas and landmarks on your property, enhancing their experience.

Manufactured For Long-Term Functionality and Durability

There are key distinctions between flat, standard signs or banners produced by a sign maker versus a customized signage system that is designed and constructed to be both functional and durable for years to come. Architectural sign manufacturers use specialized equipment and state-of-the-art processes and technology to create sign solutions that incorporate specific design elements and company aesthetics.

In addition to providing custom designs and sign solutions, architectural signs are manufactured to be a long-term signage solution, particularly for exterior signs such as monument signs, pylon signs, or fabricated letters installed on storefronts or building walls. These signs are typically constructed from stone, brick, aluminum, copper, and other durable materials to ensure maximum longevity and impact.

Architectural Sign Solutions from National Signs

With decades of experience, National Signs offers a full range of interior and exterior architectural signs for your specific needs. Our team of architectural signage manufacturers excels at creating signage systems that provide style and visual appeal, effective property navigation, safety and security guidelines, and accessibility for everyone on your property.

Contact National Signs today to learn more about our wide variety of architectural signs.