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What is the Most Weather-Resistant Store Front Sign?

Store front signs are the most eye-catching way to capture attention and highlight your business location, but you need signs that won’t fade or crack over time. Before installing any type of outdoor sign, it’s important to know the most weather-resistant signs available to ensure you always make a great impression on customers and guests.

Learn about the different types of storefront signage, the best weather-resistant materials to choose from, and other factors to consider to help you have a long-lasting, appealing sign for your business.

Types of Weather-Resistant Signs

Choosing a weather-resistant exterior sign for your business is a critical first step in announcing your location to potential customers. Effective signage needs to be bright, bold, and easy to see at any time of day.

The sign you choose for your business name or logo can be a standard shape or style or a custom sign that perfectly reflects your brand and styling aesthetic.

Some of the weather-resistant sign options for your business include:

  • Stand Alone Channel Letters – Channel letters are customizable letters, numbers, or shapes individually installed onto a building façade and display your company’s name and logo. They usually have lights inside to increase visibility at night and can be constructed from various durable materials.
  • Raceway Mounted Channel Letter Signs – Raceway mounted channel letters offer the same visual versatility with letters, numbers, and logos, but the letters are attached to a large metal raceway support box for added strength and stability. The raceway box can safely contain and conceal critical wiring or electrical components to keep them protected from the weather.
  • Post and Panel Signs – Post and panel signs are a durable option for outdoor signage since they’re constructed from sturdy materials and can easily be changed or switched out if business logos or fonts change over time. These signs consist of two tall supporting posts installed near an entrance or busy roadway with large rectangular acrylic panels secured on both sides to promote the business name.
  • Metal Flag or Logo Signs – Metal signs have grown in popularity as companies look for a sleek, sophisticated way to display their company name and logo. Metal signs are normally laser cut for a precise, clean look and can be installed on the side or front of businesses with backlighting for added illumination and visual appeal at night.
  • Halo and Face Lit Signs – One of the more common exterior signs is halo or face lit signs, where the company name and logo are displayed on an acrylic panel and installed onto a sign with lights behind it for added effect. These signs offer a wider range of display options that can be printed onto the acrylic panels, making them a popular choice for storefront signs.
  • LED Signs – If your company needs to be able to display a rotating screen of information and events along with the business name and logo, then LED signs are a great option for outdoor signage. LED signs offer companies the ability to easily capture the attention of potential customers by displaying names, logos, and other important information in a bright, colorful, and dynamic way.

These signs offer your company the ability to have quality signage that is effective and eye-catching for years to come.

The Best Weather Resistant Materials for Signs

When your company invests in outdoor signage, your signs should be manufactured with materials that will be long-lasting, strong, and visually appealing. Ideally, your signs should withstand weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold, wind gusts, or heavy rainfall without compromising the structural integrity or appeal of the sign.

These three sign materials are the most popular choices for business owners because of their long-term durability and strength.

  1. Aluminum – As one of the most popular choices for weather-resistant signs, aluminum remains popular because it will not fade or rust over time like other materials. It’s an affordable, lightweight sign option that offers a sophisticated and polished look that will stand the test of time.
  2. Stainless steel – Stainless steel signs are another attractive option for companies in need of sturdy signage because they are long-lasting and can come in various finishes for a unique and bold look. Stainless steel also offers an extensive array of potential designs and shapes to maximize curb appeal and create an innovative display for your brand.
  3. Acrylic signage – If your business needs a durable but lightweight signage solution, acrylic signs and letters are an ideal choice. They are specially designed and manufactured to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions and offer limitless artistic and display options.

Investing in signage with any of these popular materials means your sign is much more likely to survive inclement weather and look attractive and welcoming for many years ahead.

Important Factors to Consider

When evaluating your options for storefront signage, you should also consider these key factors that could impact your sign choices.

  • Zoning and space restrictions – Some cities and municipalities may have zoning restrictions or limits on the size, shape, and illumination, so research zoning laws before choosing your sign. Local signs may be required to use only white or clear lighting for halo or nighttime illumination, depending on the size and placement of your sign. 
  • Seasonal display needs – Your business may end up needing different kinds of signage to better reach potential customers, such as channel letters at the top and window signs or painted glass to advertise seasonal sales or events. This allows your business to have professional, dependable signage at the top, with more artistic or creative sign options at eye level for maximum effect. 
  • Maintenance and repair costs – Before choosing outdoor signage for your company, evaluate the potential maintenance and repair costs you may face. While a fabric or nylon sign might seem like a quick, cheap choice, these signs aren’t made to withstand strong weather conditions, and they can create a negative impression on customers. Instead of buying temporary and unprofessional fabric signs, invest in well-constructed permanent signage such as channel letters or aluminum signs. This can mean fewer repairs down the road and a much longer lifespan for your sign.
  • Weather conditions – Finally, your company should have storefront signage that survives the more common weather events in your area. For example, a business that normally sees severe storms should ensure its signs are sturdy and won’t crack or malfunction with stronger winds or rain. Companies located near coastal areas should have signage that won’t quickly corrode due to the salty air. 

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