Best digital signage operating system for your business needs.

What Is The Best Digital Signage Operating System?

An LED display can open up your business to new advertising possibilities. You’ll have the ability to display multiple messages, promote all of your upcoming events, and even celebrate the holidays without having to order any additional signs. However, all of this creative freedom is meaningless if the operating system is buggy or confusing.

Fortunately, Daktronics displays come with the Venus Control Suite. With this powerful digital signage operating system, you’ll be able to create, manage, and schedule your signs with ease.

Creating and Editing

Venus Control Suite (VCS) comes with two powerful editing tools. The Web Editor lets you quickly and easily create graphics on any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection. You can even create templates to give yourself a boost the next time you need to create something similar.

The Layout Editor is designed for more advanced content creation. Not only can you create and edit your graphics, but this tool even allows you to divide displays into different zones so you can schedule independent playlists.

Manage Your Content

Keeping track of your graphics in VCS couldn’t be simpler. You can take advantage of filters and tags to quickly categorize and retrieve your content. Several common filters and tags are included from the start, but you can also create your own as needed for a truly customizable experience.

If you’re bringing in outside content (for example, a file from a graphic designer), you only need to drag and drop the file into VCS to upload the graphic into your media library. You can use the same tags and filters on outside content as you would for graphics made within the VCS editors, so you know you’ll always be able to find your files.

Schedule Your Content

When you’re ready to set up your playlist, Venus Control Suite offers scheduling options that are tailored to your network size.

Simple Scheduling lets you build a standard playlist and cycle through it. As the name suggests, it’s the most straightforward of the scheduling options available.

Synched Scheduling allows you to coordinate your content across multiple Daktronics screens in unison. If you’ve got multiple monitors, this option is perfect for setting up all of them at once.

Conditional Scheduling brings a whole new element to the mix. Now, you can automatically alter your content based on different factors such as the time of day, the weather conditions, and even the season. For example, you could load in your Christmas graphics early and instruct VCS to only bring them into rotation during the holiday season.

Monitoring and In-Depth Reports

Finally, you can monitor your Daktronics LED video display right from the dashboard. VCS will automatically alert you if any error messages come up. This is a handy enough feature if it only stops you from having to go outside every time you want to know what’s on your sign, but if you have multiple screens around your business, it’s a lifesaver.

For those companies that need proof-of-performance reports, VCS has you covered there too. If you rent advertising space on your display or you’re required to display certain messages from corporate, The Venus Control Suite can provide you with robust reports for any time period you need.

Get Your Daktronics Display Today

Did we mention that all Daktronics displays come with a cellular modem inside that gives you an “always on” connection? This allows you to easily program through VCS from any PC, phone, or tablet.

Contact us today to get the conversation started about your new Daktronics LED video display with the outstanding VCS digital signage operating system.