Architectural building signage for HSPVA designed, fabricated, and installed by National Signs.

What is Architectural Building Signage

Whether you have a public or commercial property, signs are the first thing people search for when they arrive at your site. Visitors need to know where to find your business or building, parking garage access, nearby entrances and exits, a specific office or department location, or the closest elevator or restroom.

Architectural signs provide the specific answers people are looking for when they’re on your property or inside your building. Learn more about the different types of architectural building signage and how they can simplify and elevate the experience for visitors on your property.

The Different Types of Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is any type of permanent sign that identifies certain locations within the building and outside property in appealing and practical ways. They offer a creative, cohesive system for promoting your brand while guiding people and enhancing their visit.

Architectural signs can include:

  • Building or company names
  • Directional outdoor signs
  • Wheelchair accessible areas
  • Company directories, building maps, and floor directory signage
  • Elevator, escalator, and stairway access
  • Restrooms and smoking-permissible areas
  • Building security and restricted access signs
  • Maintenance and utility access signs
  • Office names, room numbers, and conference room signs

By offering clear and visually appealing signs throughout your property, you make it possible for any visitor to navigate your building with ease and leave with a positive first impression.

Will Your Architectural Signs Be ADA-Compliant?

Signs in your building shouldn’t just be functional and reflect your business brand – they should also be accessible to everyone who enters your property. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 created specific requirements for public and commercial buildings to provide signage that accommodates people with visual disabilities or mobility limitations.

To ensure your building is ADA compliant and meets local zoning and safety ordinances, signs inside your property should be installed in prominent areas and contain visual and tactile symbols, as well as Braille lettering. For example, signs for elevators, stairwells, emergency exits, restrooms, and room locations should be designed, constructed, and installed using ADA guidelines for sizing, fonts, colors, and the placement of the sign.

The goal for all of your architectural signage should be that anyone who enters your building can find their way, navigate smoothly, and quickly exit the property in the event of an emergency, even with visibility or mobility limitations.

How to Have Eye-Catching Building Signage

When your architectural building signage is designed, it should be the perfect blend of function and style to create a unified design across your property. Each sign should contain elements that reflect the overall décor and style of the business brand while also informing and guiding visitors with ease.

An eye-catching architectural sign system can use many different materials, styles, and finishes, such as:

  • Brushed or punched metal
  • Custom stone or masonry
  • Acrylic signs and panels
  • Contoured glass signs and displays
  • Digital LED screens and wall panels
  • Textured finishes
  • Light fixtures or shadow effects

By using high-quality materials for your architectural signage, your business can have signs that are durable and long-lasting for many years of functionality and visual appeal.

Let National Signs Develop a Signage System for Your Property!

With architectural building signage, you can have a unified branding standard that flows throughout your property so people can always find their way with ease. National Signs offers reliable and eye-catching signage solutions that perfectly reflect your needs and style while welcoming and guiding visitors on your site.

View our gallery to learn more about architectural business signage options from National Signs, or contact us today to start your journey toward beautiful, effective signage solutions.