What is An Interactive Signage Display?

With technology advancing at an incredible pace in the past decade, you’ve almost certainly noticed a change in the signage around you. From street signs to restaurant menus to billboards in the mall, digital signage displays are increasingly taking over traditional advertisements day by day.

So, what is an interactive signage display? An interactive signage display is a form of digital signage that allows customers to interact with your business and promotions. In the wake of the pandemic, business owners began searching for unique ways to create experiences and engagement with their customers that didn’t involve in-person interaction. What better way to accomplish this than through an interactive sign?

Here are a few things you should know about interactive signage displays and why they could be a perfect match for your business.

The Benefits of Interactive Signage Displays

Often described as the new generation of digital signage, interactive signs have taken advertising to the next level. We covered one of the most basic benefits above, but here are a few more benefits of utilizing interactive signage for your business.

1. Memorable Experiences

In the sea of advertisements we experience each day, one of the most difficult qualities to achieve is to be memorable. Interactive digital signage can help you stick out in a customer’s memory as no other advertisement can.

Adidas is one company that knows a thing or two about creating memorable experiences. Their interactive signage display during the qualifying game for the World Cup in 2013 utilized a 200-meter digital sign atop a building in Tokyo to allow viewers to score a goal through their smartphone from anywhere in the world and is still being talked about today.

2. Cost-effective and Easy to Update

Because interactive signage displays are digital, they are easy to update! Should you enter a new marketing campaign, have details about your business to update, or want to focus on a specific product or topic, swapping out your message is a breeze. Gone are the days of purchasing brand new signage every time an idea comes down from the marketing team!

3. Interactive Digital Signs Increase Sales

Memorable experiences increase sales. Retail stores are experimenting with digital signage displays that allow customers to virtually try on clothing without ever having to step foot in the fitting room, while other businesses are hopping on the QR code trend. Customers can scan QR codes in-store with their phone’s camera and immediately begin to interact with a digital “hands-free” display using their fingers as a mouse.

Another way interactive digital signage increases sales is the ability to collect data from the interactions. The more clicks and plays with your sign, the more information you have on what your customers like and what is maintaining their attention.

The Future of Interactive Signage

Truthfully, the interactive signage market has only scratched the surface of its potential. We expect to see vast advancements in the near future – and even now. Take a look at LinkNYC making waves in New York City with their self-serve kiosks that allow users to charge their mobile devices while surfing the web utilizing free wifi paid for by advertisements on their every-changing digital signs.

New technology such as 3D displays, augmented and virtual reality, and so much more are picking up speed. Additionally, data-driven technology is taking a front seat, allowing for specific targeting and personalization based on company location and customer data. Imagine a sign that you can interact with that has been personalized just for you. Pretty crazy, right?

Let’s Get Started On Your Interactive Signage Display

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