Electric sign repair services for your signage.

What Does Electric Sign Repair Cover?

Electric signage, such as LED display signs, can help you make a bold statement about your company and relay important information to your customers. If the sign isn’t working correctly, however, it can send the wrong kind of message about your company.

That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a service provider such as National Signs to schedule electric sign repair. If your sign isn’t functioning the way it should be, we can get you fixed up as soon as possible.

Recognize the Signs That You Need Electric Sign Repair

From our experience, we have encountered some common issues that indicate it’s time for sign repair. Getting a feel for when it’s time to fix or replace a sign can keep your space looking fantastic.

1. Weather Damage

Weather damage is often the cause behind the need for electric sign repair. Exposure to rain, snow, sun, and either hot or freezing temperatures can cause a range of issues:

  • The elements can often deteriorate a sign, making it appear dull or worn.
  • Older signs can lose some of their luster due to constant exposure to the sun or rain.
  • Swelling and contracting due to temperature changes can cause cracks, chipped paint, or other cosmetic issues.
  • Storms can cause an electrical outage, which can, in turn, cause the sign to malfunction or stop working altogether.

After weather events or following a long period of extreme heat or cold, you might notice that the sign is displaying incorrect information or that some of the bulbs aren’t working. This can sometimes be due to water damage. Our sign repair services can help combat these issues.

2. Non-Functioning Lights

On an electric sign, lights are the most critical feature. Lights can highlight a sign’s message or be used as part of the font, displaying crucial information about a business. When bulbs have burnt out or aren’t working, they can detract from the sign’s message and the appeal of the building or business.

We can quickly replace burnt-out bulbs and fix faulty wiring. If your electronic signage is older, we can also make a recommendation of what would be required to make a switch to newer LED signage. LED bulbs tend to last much longer than other types of bulbs, making them more cost-efficient and easier to maintain.

3. Other Sign Issues

Over time, normal wear and tear can take a toll on a sign. Sign damage can come in many forms, and most of these issues are covered under normal electric sign repair and maintenance.

For example, you might notice messages not displaying correctly on a sign, which could be due to worn-out electrical lines or malfunctioning software controls. These issues can seem complicated, but for professional sign companies, they’re pretty routine.

For other sign issues, the solution might be more straightforward. For example, signs can become dirty due to dust or storms. Built-up dirt can make the sign hard to read or dull the sign’s colors or lights. Routine sign maintenance can keep the sign looking bright and new.

Sometimes, the biggest issue with an electric sign is that it’s outdated. Aside from wear, a sign might simply no longer appear modern and fresh, and it might not be eye-catching, or the inner electrical or software components might be worn out.

In this case, it’s often better to consider upgrading or replacing the sign with something more contemporary, efficient, and visually appealing. We can consult with you on whether modernizing your electronic signage is the right option!

Reach Out for Help with Electric Sign Repair

Although not all sign damage issues are complicated, fixing a sign can still be challenging. Contacting a professional, reputable sign company for help with repairs can save you time, money, and frustration.

We have years of experience with sign repairs, our team can recognize problems, and we’ll come up with quick solutions. We’re happy to provide sign repair and maintenance services whether we provided the original signage or the sign was fabricated and installed by another company.

If your electronic signage is not working correctly or looking its best, National Signs can help. Contact us today to let us know about the sign issues you’re experiencing.

We’ll provide you with information about our electric sign repair services, and then we will quickly mobilize crews to your location for repairs. If the sign’s damage or issues are too severe, we can also make a recommendation about installing new signage.

We look forward to supporting your company!