Texas sign company can fix damaged monument signs for businesses

We Fix Damaged Monument Signs for Businesses in Texas

Monument signs are an excellent option for many businesses. Often situated at eye level, drivers, as well as pedestrians, easily see them. Their impressive designs can serve as landmarks, not only for your company but even to people giving street directions. Now that’s a memorable sign!

Unfortunately, even the sturdiest of signs will suffer damage. Whether it’s from an accident, vandalism, or just the passage of time, you’ll eventually need to have some work done on your monument sign. National Signs is here to help. We can restore and maintain your damaged monument signs for business to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

Time for a Facelift

Not all problems with monument signs will require heavy maintenance. For example, sometimes the sign is structurally sound, but it’s starting to look faded and worn. We can give your sign a new finish to bring it back to its former glory or update it for your new aesthetic.

Another common but easily solved issue is burned-out lights. Illuminated monument signs typically have anywhere between 3 and 12 lights, and when one goes out, you can be sure the rest aren’t far behind. If your sign is designed in such a way that maintenance can’t easily change the lights, we can take care of it. We’ll even switch your lights to longer-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs to keep your sign looking better for longer.

Problems with Power

If you’ve tried replacing your bulb, but to no avail, the problem might be a bit more substantial. Sometimes the wiring or even the power supply is to blame. This is more likely when the electrical area of the sign wasn’t weatherproof in the first place. But, unlike a busted TV or a faulty toaster, bad wiring doesn’t mean it’s time to throw the whole thing out.

Instead of living with a daytime-only sign or installing a small floodlight for a quick but unappealing fix, give National Signs a call. We can strip out the old wiring and power supply and have your sign back to looking like it was intended to.

Missing Pieces

Physical damage to a monument sign can be an intimidating problem for a business owner. These signs are usually designed to be large and sturdy-looking, and seeing broken-off letters or structural damage can lead to the assumption that repair is impossible. Many opt for less graceful solutions like trying to remove the rest of the letters and painting a new sign on the empty space.

It doesn’t have to be that way. National Signs can repair broken parts or even fabricate new ones in our shop. Even structural damage doesn’t have to be the end of your monument sign. Contact us with the specifics, and you’ll soon have the best in the industry on the job.

Bring Your Sign Back to Life

You chose a monument sign because you wanted to make a bold statement about your business. You wanted customers to know that you were solid, dependable, and here for the long haul. Now that you’re looking at a monument sign in need of repair, you probably realize that you’re making a statement now, too.

Don’t let damage be your new first impression. Contact National Signs today to get a quote. Monument signs for business are our business! We’ll restore your monument sign back to landmark status.