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We Can Help With Your City of Houston Sign Permit Application

If you’re a business owner or facility manager looking into a city of Houston sign permit application, National Signs can help! We manage the entire sign project from beginning to end for Houston area businesses, including supporting the City of Houston sign permitting process.

You may have questions about the Houston Sign Code, the application process and requirements, and how long this might take. Let’s review the key details to help you get started on the path to approving your new signage.

City of Houston Sign Application Process and Requirements

The Houston Sign Code controls on-premise, commercial advertising signs that can be seen from streets, sidewalks, alleys, etc. If your sign presents names, logos, goods, services, or merchandise sold at your location, then you will need to obtain a permit to display this signage.

This code only permits up to five signs per company, which normally is a blend of wall, projection, ground, and/or marquee signs. There’s also a limitation of one projection or ground sign per frontage per company.

The code also has specific restrictions for the number of marquee and wall signs allowed at a given location, plus regulations on the amount of space required between signs. We can review the specific requirements with you if you are planning to install a significant number of signs at your location.

The City of Houston will also want to make sure that the placement of the signage does not interfere with other property, create traffic hazards or unsafe driving conditions, or encroach on utility easements.

The City of Houston does allow businesses to hire a company (such as National Signs) to support the installation of signage. This is where we can step in to help you complete key paperwork and requirements during the City of Houston sign permit application process:

Special Requirements for Electronic Signage

If choosing to display an electronic LED sign with “changeable messages” at your place of business, the sign permit application provides notices about the Houston Sign Code regulations and rules.

Note that the sign structure and lighting are required to comply with specific aspects of the Houston Sign Code Regulations. We will work in accordance with these detailed requirements to support the design of your new signage.

Because we have built, installed, and maintained numerous LED signs for customers in Houston, we know how to adhere to the requirements to ensure that you are protected throughout your use of LED signage.

Work With National Signs to Expedite the Permitting Process

There are several key steps in the timeline to complete the process and get your new signage up and running at your location.

  • Once your application is submitted, a City of Houston representative will follow up with you to ask questions and review details.
  • A site inspector will request to visit your location to inspect where the signage will be placed.
  • For LED signage, an electrical inspector will also schedule a time to visit your site.
  • You will then receive a permit to have the signage erected at your place of business.

The key is that you cannot have the signage placed at your location until you receive the official permit. Otherwise, you could face fines or complete removal of the signage.

This is where we can help expedite this timeline to ensure that you satisfy any requests from the City of Houston, complete the necessary site visits, meet their requirements, and get the signage built and installed soon after you receive the permit.

If you are a Houston business owner or facility manager, contact National Signs for support with your city of Houston sign permit application. We have decades of experience in managing this complex process so that you can focus on running your business.

Because we are based right here in Houston, we know how to expedite the application by meeting every requirement and getting the signage ready for installation at your location. Give us a call today at 713-360-0106 to find local sign support. We look forward to helping you!