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Use Airport Digital Signage to Support Communications

Airports are a whirlwind of constant activity, with passengers, flight crew, and visitors all dashing off to different areas or terminals. Once people arrive at your airport, they’ll immediately search for important, up-to-date information that helps direct them to specific locations such as security, restaurants, or their specific gate.

Digital displays make a huge impact in elevating the customer experience by improving the communication between airlines, passengers, and everyone else passing through. Learn how airport digital signage enhances airport operations and how National Signs can provide the state-of-the-art digital sign technology you need.

Best Uses of Airport Digital Signage

The airport is a central transportation hub for families, business people, vacationers, and travelers from all over. Let’s review some of the best uses of digital signage to enhance the passenger experience at your airport.

Constant Flight Updates

Timing is everything when you’re in an airport, so offering non-stop, real-time flight information is essential for any airport. Once through the doors, travelers need to be able to quickly see if their flight is on time, where to check in for security, and which gate they’ll be leaving from.

Passengers and airport visitors need digital screens installed throughout the airport and terminals to provide important flight information, including:

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Gate information
  • Destination cities
  • Flight delays
  • Boarding information
  • Security updates

 Digital signs also help if your airport regularly welcomes international travelers since digital screens can be updated to reflect flight updates and security information in different languages. This ensures a smooth flight experience for all people, whether local or international passengers.

 Instead of stressing over when their flight leaves, travelers can relax at an airport café or browse the duty-free shops without worrying about missing their boarding call. By providing a steady stream of instant flight updates and regular communication, travelers will enjoy a more pleasant airport experience. 

Streamlined Airport Navigation 

The last thing any traveler wants to do in an airport is to waste valuable time or get lost searching for specific areas or airport amenities. To improve the passenger experience, you need digital signs that seamlessly guide individuals to all areas of the airport from the moment they set foot inside.

 A large-scale video wall can greet your visitors with a bright, colorful, and detailed map of the entire airport for easy navigation. Digital screens are able to display a wide range of specific airport destinations to passengers, including: 

  • Security/Airline check-in
  • Terminal transportation
  • Restrooms
  • Flight gates
  • Airline lounges
  • Restaurants, newsstands, and duty-free shops
  • Baggage claim
  • Parking garages
  • Car rental facilities
  • Public transit, taxi, and ride-share areas

LED signs also support travelers in need of additional support by directing them to language translation services, wheelchair or mobility assistance, or nursing and changing rooms for parents.

 Good airport navigation and communication are especially helpful during busy travel seasons to improve airport efficiency and reduce overall wait times. When travelers or visitors can easily find their way through your airport, it gives them a positive impression of your airport, and they will be more likely to return for future flights.

Engaging Traveler Signage 

Most travelers rush to their airport so they don’t risk missing a flight, but it usually means having to wait a while before boarding their plane. While they sit in waiting areas near their gate or in airport restaurants, it’s helpful to offer dynamic, fun digital signage to improve their experience.

 Airport operators can use programmable LED screens and video walls to connect with passengers by displaying helpful information and engaging content, including:

  • News updates
  • Weather forecasts
  • Sports scores
  • Entertainment headlines
  • Local art or visual media
  • Visitor information
  • Tourist attractions
  • Creative advertising
  • Security alerts

With the help of clear, effective digital signage, your airport can keep travelers and visitors informed, entertained, and safe. 

Improve Your Airport with Digital Signage from National Signs 

Walking into an airport can be an overwhelming experience for nervous travelers or first-time visitors. Your airport can reduce stress and strengthen communication with passengers by installing digital screens and LED displays from National Signs throughout your airport property. 

With stunning graphics, real-time flight information, and strategically-placed sign locations, anyone in your airport will be able to quickly navigate the walkways and terminals with ease. Whether you have a small regional hub or a major international airport, you can offer a better customer experience by using digital displays to clearly communicate with travelers.

National Signs has over 30 years of experience partnering with businesses and industries across the world to provide innovative, engaging, and long-lasting sign solutions.

With our LED signs and digital signage software, your airport will be able to instantly update flight and travel information, such as weather conditions or security issues that might cause delays. Digital sign technology allows your airport to post updates instantly to all designated signs with a single action, all with secure software and a simple-to-use interface.

 Contact us directly to learn more about our airport digital signage solutions. Let’s discuss this opportunity to use LED signs to improve your airport’s communication with travelers.