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Top Features of Daktronics Galaxy Displays

When you have an important message to share with customers, you want to make sure it has strong visibility, brilliant clarity, and a bold look. A Daktronics Galaxy sign accomplishes these goals by showcasing your messaging and promoting your brand in innovative and captivating ways.

4 Benefits of a Spectacular Daktronics Galaxy Display

Let’s examine some of the top features of a Daktronics display and how you can use their stunning LED screens on your property with the help of National Signs, a long-time Daktronics partner.

1. Breathtaking Screen Resolution

Do you want to make people stop in their tracks when they see your business sign?

Nothing grabs attention like a crystal-clear screen presenting an image or message in an engaging way, and Daktronics signs offer the best resolution and the highest contrast in the industry for digital displays.

With its full-color LED screens, Daktronics signs draw people to your business or message with eye-catching colors and brightness, helping your property stand out from the competition.

Daktronics technology allows your business to change your message instantly to always present dazzling graphics and up-to-date information to your target audience.

Unlike other basic types of business signs, a Daktronics Galaxy display can project images and messages in a way that genuinely influences people, whether moving them to tears, whipping them up into an excited frenzy, or guiding them into immediate action. 

2. Abundant Display Options

If you want a business sign to display anything you can dream up, Daktronics has the answer. They’re unrivaled in their ability to show any type of custom messaging in a clear and engaging manner, whether through simple and elegant text or a complex and visually stunning photo or video.

 Daktronics LED signs are able to display a wide range of content, including:

  • Text
  • Business logos
  • Variety of font styles
  • Graphics
  • Basic animation
  • Video clips

 Daktronics displays always make a dynamic first impression, and they have the flexibility to be installed nearly anywhere on your property to gain the most attention.

You can place them on top of a pylon sign high above your property, in a sporting arena or athletic field to showcase your sports teams in action, or on a prominent wall on your property to build brand awareness. 

3. Exceptional Durability

Digital signs are an incredibly important investment, and you need to know your sign will last for years to come while looking amazing in any kind of weather.

 Daktronics displays are known for their breathtaking visuals, and they’re carefully crafted for long-term durability, with quality materials inside and out. All Daktronics signs are made in the USA using globally-sourced materials and components for exceptional results and a lasting impact.

 Each Daktronics Galaxy sign is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, which reduces maintenance costs and ensures many more years of functionality compared to other LED signs. These energy-efficient signs feature completely sealed components to prevent corrosion and protect power supplies, controllers, fans, and all electrical and mounting connections. 

4. Innovative Technology

Is there anything worse for your business than having a huge, eye-catching LED sign on your property that’s blank, malfunctioning, or showing old information?

 With a Daktronics display, you can avoid these problems and have a reliable messaging platform to promote your brand and attract visitors. Daktronics offers a state-of-the-art, cloud-based display management system called Venus Control Suite. This easy-to-use software enables you to control your LED sign from anywhere.

 Your business will be able to enjoy Daktronics technology features such as:

  • Automated message scheduling
  • Remote sign access and controls
  • Signal redundancy to avoid disruptions in messaging
  • Secure data transfers through virtual private VPNs
  • Brightness-dimming options for optimal visibility
  • Interactive displays for enhanced customer engagement

Choosing a Daktronics display for your business means having industry-leading technology at your fingertips to create thrilling graphics and captivating messages. 

Get Daktronics Galaxy Displays From National Signs 

National Signs is a proud partner of Daktronics, helping businesses of all industries secure the Daktronics digital signs they need, which are manufactured and installed with the utmost quality and professionalism.

We take the time to understand your company’s specific goals and unique needs to provide a sign solution that is a perfect fit.

 Contact National Signs today to learn more about installing Daktronics Galaxy digital displays at your place of business. Find out how you can strengthen your brand with high-quality graphics and messaging.