This sign for Blue Bird Circle Resale store is one of the many led signs Houston has to offer.

Tips for Outdoor LED Signs in Houston Weather

Outdoor LED signs are popular among Houston-area businesses and other properties that want attractive signage. However, not all outdoor LED signs can survive the region’s extreme, ever-changing weather conditions.

Learn several tips for choosing and installing high-quality outdoor LED signs in Houston and how they can remain attractive and functional in any type of weather condition.

Use Exciting Graphics and Vibrant Colors

You can find a wide range of LED signs for sale, but most offer a single color of lights with simple graphics and limited messaging, which doesn’t exactly project a polished and professional image. If you want your business or property to stand out with eye-catching graphics and visual appeal, you need full-color displays that provide an endless range of display capabilities.

Weather conditions sometimes make it difficult to see standard outdoor signs. Still, a sign with bright colors and engaging graphics is much easier to see as people pass by – this is especially important during heavy rainstorms, fog, or other bad weather when people depend on wayfinding signs to navigate their way around town.

The ideal outdoor LED sign for the Houston area shows stunning, crystal-clear photos or moving videos and graphics for instant attention. You’ll be able to promote your brand innovatively, instantly projecting any kind of sale, event, news, or targeted message in a way that makes a lasting impact.

Places that benefit most from top-quality LED signs include:

  • Retail centers
  • Sports stadiums and athletic fields
  • Performance venues
  • Hotels
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Places of worship

Manufacture With Durable Materials

As a Gulf Coast city, Houston sees a regular rotation of extreme weather throughout the year, so outdoor signage will be subjected to a variety of weather conditions.

Throughout the year, the greater Houston area experiences:

  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Extreme heat
  • Hail
  • Flash floods
  • Wildfires
  • Winter storms
  • Hurricanes

Your property needs outdoor signage that can withstand these harsh weather conditions with little to no impact on the functionality or visual appeal of the sign.

Quality LED signs are designed and made from durable materials that won’t rust, fade, come apart, or stop working at the slightest gust of wind or heavy rain. LED signs and supporting structures should be built from sturdy metals, brick, stone, or other lasting materials to get the most from your sign investment and ensure it always works when it matters most.

Added benefits of choosing LED signs are that they use much less electricity and require less maintenance and repairs over time. For Houston businesses, this is a major savings of time and energy compared to traditional signage or neon signs that need more maintenance and repair work.

Install LED Signs in Visible Locations

A sign isn’t helpful for your business if it’s installed in an area of your property where few people can see it. Although LED signs are much more visible than standard signs, they need to be placed in strategic locations to attract the most attention possible.

Two popular options for your business are ground-level monument signs near your business entrance or on top of a tall pylon sign so it’s seen from a great distance away. Avoid installing your LED signs near large trees or shrubs that could block visibility or minimize their impact.

A well-placed outdoor LED sign may also become an iconic part of your area’s landscape and a source of valuable information. If your LED message center is in a prominent location, it can be a benefit to the community by posting important weather warnings, safety updates, or emergency information.

Get Quality Outdoor LED Signs from National Signs

LED signs in Houston are an important investment, so you need signage solutions that will last for many years. LED signs from National Signs are the perfect solution for companies looking to make a bold statement, stand above the competition, and reach a larger audience in the community.

Do you have sign damage from Houston weather already? Contact us for repairs or to discuss new outdoor LED signs for your business!